Europe Trend Week 07

European market still stable despite logistical disruptions.

On the one hand, incoming shipments into Northern Europe have been heavily disrupted by Storm Ciara, which had led to numerous shipping delays.

However, dollar banana volumes are continuing to swell because of the increase in Ecuadorian and Colombian exports, with levels slightly above average. Nonetheless, Costa Rican volumes remain moderate. Furthermore, in Africa, the overall supply is maintaining above-average levels (+5%) thanks to the Cameroonian shortfall (9% below average) being offset by the combined Côte d’Ivoire/Ghana supply.

Finally, French West Indies volumes remain stable, though still in shortfall. On the other hand, demand remains dynamic across all European markets, and green banana sales are good. Hence stocks are very small, and prices are maintaining stable levels.

On the Russian market, in the face of increasing incoming shipments, prices are dipping.

In Spain, platano prices are declining