Europe Trend Week 04

Facing banana shortage, the European market is firming up.

Once again, the global supply is moderate for all origins this week. Supply from Ecuador is slightly increasing but remains contained.

In the meantime, Colombian arrivals just began growing. In addition, Costa Rica suffers from logistical disruptions due to bad weather.

Regarding Africa, cumulative supply from Ivory Coast and Ghana (+4 %and +6%/average respectively) fails to offset the Cameroonian shortfall (-31%/average).

Finally, the French West Indies are recovering an usual supply level (but still below 2015’s levels). Besides, all ships sailing through the Mediterranean Sea were delayed this week by the storm “Gloria”.

Meanwhile, the demand keeps being active throughout Europe. From North to South, consumption is being boosted by dynamic sales.

However, the lack of fruits is beginning to be felt along with the lack of stocks. As a result, prices are further increasing (+1%/average).

The Spanish market remains stable. As for Russia, the market continues to recover and prices are increasing.”