Europe Trend Week 05 - Fruitrop

Europe Trend Week 05

European market still balanced this week.

The overall supply is maintaining some stability. On the one hand, Costa Rica is still at lower levels than in previous years, while Colombia is temporarily 8% below average. In addition, the African supply is still in shortfall (8% below average), although Cameroon has taken a hesitant upturn. However, the stability of the supply is largely being maintained thanks to the Ecuadorian supply being 17% above average! On the other hand, demand remains satisfactory, though still disappointing for the time of year. Some logistical disruptions (Italy, France and Russia) have contributed to a temporary slowdown in activity this week. Hence although a slowdown is predicted on certain European markets, prices overall remain unchanged and still below average (-13%).
Regarding the Platano, the Spanish supply is still well in shortfall, with prices maintaining exceptionally high levels.
Finally, in Russia, the improvement is ongoing, despite logistical disruptions.