Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Latin America edition

Webinar organised by AMHPAC
Issues with the export of vegetables to the United States
Mexican companies often need to do business with the United States, mainly due to this country’s proximity, but it is also very common for them to encounter many disadvantages when working there.The importance of the relationship between the United States and Mexico goes beyond the commercial sphere; it is…..

Chile: Expected growth in citrus export
The Chilean citrus season started in May with clementines and lemons. The season runs till November with the export of mandarins and lemons. Chilean Navel oranges are available from June to October. “A growth of approximately 15% is expected for this year’s total export volume. Chile experienced a lot of…..

Chile: Vineyards are converted into citrus fields
Despite being the most exported product of the Region of Coquimbo in 2017, with 131 million dollars, grape exports decreased by 39% when compared to the previous year (US $219 million). This data portrays the serious problems that grapes in the area have been facing. The drought, subsequent frosts, low…..

Hiram Herver, Inverafrut
Mexico: Growing lime production no issue
“The season of this year is going well. Over the years the market is demanding more fruit. The European market uses limes for more than just in drinks. This is a very positive market development. Nowadays, restaurants offer dishes that have Persian limes, especially from Mexico, as a central ingredient”,…..

US, Spain, and Mexico account for 40% of Peruvian pepper exports
The United States, Spain and Mexico concentrate 40% of the total shipments of Peruvian capsicum (chillies and peppers), which in the first four months of 2018 amounted to US $77.5 million.This is 1% higher than in the same period of 2017 (US $ 76.5 million), according to the manager of Agricultural exports of…..

Argentina: New finding helps to fight the fruit fly
Argentine researchers from the Leloir Institute and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet) discovered that the golden brown spots of the world’s biggest fruit and vegetable pest – the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) – unexpectedly generate when there are no cells in…..

Mexico: Mango crops affected by Hurricane Bud
Nearly 10% of the orchards in the region suffered damage as a result of the strong winds caused by the tropical depression Bud.Daniel Ibarra Lugo, the president of the Mango Exporters Association of the fruit fly free zone, said that the winds in the different production areas reached speeds between 40 and 55…..

Bryan Tate with IFCO
“RPCs remove field heat and cool product significantly faster”
With spring being in full swing and summer around the corner, the produce industry has entered the most exciting and productive seasons of the year. From March to September, fields from Mexico to the U.S. and Canada, generate an abundance of fresh produce that enriches and sustains the lives of hundreds of…..

Egyptian exporter:
«We need offices in the EU to protect against fraud»
The Egyptian government implemented a new export program last year to strengthen exports, ensuring that only quality products are sent to foreign markets. Despite this, Egyptian trader Moataz Darwish says that there are still international traders who might be taking advantage of the reputation that the…..

Apeel Avocados available at Costco and Harps Food Stores
Today, Apeel Sciences announced that Del Rey Avocado Company is supplying Apeel avocados to Costco Wholesale (COST) stores in the U.S Midwest. Additionally, Apeel avocados supplied by Eco Farms are now available at Harps Food Stores, an Associated Wholesale Grocers chain of supermarkets in the Midwest. Soon,…..

Special Poland

Early blueberry start put Poland in a competitive market
The early start of the Polish blueberry season has had a negative effect on prices for growers, with too much competition on the market.»We started picking 3 weeks ago, which means that we entered the market the same time as other European producers in our region. Typically, there is a quiet period of a couple…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit

Ukrainian cherries may arrive in the Chinese market
China has recently shown an interest in Ukrainian cherries. Since 11 June, specialists from the People’s Republic of China have been paying visits to Ukraine to check the fruit’s phytosanitary situation before their shipment to China. The mission is working to assess the system that the country has in place to…..

Berry grower expands raspberry production into Mexico
California Giant Berry Farms has just completed planting more than 300 acres of a new crop of raspberries that will begin producing fruit as early as this fall. The Adelita variety raspberry was planted in multiple growing districts throughout central Mexico, including Guanajuato, Michoacán and Jalisco.“We are…..

A variety of fresh fruit and vegetable products
List of American and Canadian goods China vows to hit with retaliatory tariffs
The Chinese State Council decided in the early hours of June 16th to impose a 25% tariff on 659 items of approximately US$50 billion in imported goods originating in the United States, of which 545 items worth about US$34 billion will be imposed from July 6, 2018. Tariffs and the timings for the implementation…..

«This production season lasts three more months»
China: «Qi County pears ready for Belgian market»
«The European production season of fresh pears is gradually entering its final stage. There is barely any supply left for Dutch and Belgian pear markets. This provides Qi County pears with an excellent opportunity. Our pears have recently entered the Dutch market and with three months of our supply season left…..

Spain: Melon theft can now be reported via WhatsApp
This year, it will be easier for melon producers of Cullera, in the province of Valencia, to report the theft of their crops. The Guardia Civil has launched a phone number for farmers which will allow them to warn of any attempt or suspicion of theft in their plots. The initiative is part of the campaign «Que…..

First ever red sweet onions out of Walla Walla
The first harvest of red sweet onions ever to come out of Walla Walla is expected to commence in about a month’s time. It’s been five years in the making, but finally commercial volumes are in the fields and so far conditions have been favorable.»This is the first year that Walla Walla will be producing red…..

For commitment to fairtrade practices banana sector
Fyffes receives CLAC Award
Fyffes, the Dublin-based produce company, was recognized by the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fairtrade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) for its commitment to buying bananas from many of the region’s small producers and its role as the largest Fairtrade banana buyer. The award was presented at the…..

Low supplies of Ontario garlic predicted
Ontario’s garlic season is potentially looking at a small crop this summer. “It was such a cold spring and the plants aren’t the size they normally are. I think we’re going to have 30 to 40 percent less than last year,” says Nathan Teetzel of G & L Farms in Thedford, Ont. The Ontario garlic season, which…..

Idaho potato market to climb higher before new crop begins
Idaho potato growers are optimistic about the season ahead, given the ideal growing conditions the state has experienced. Harvest is still a month away, with the western part of the state beginning first, before gradually transitioning eastwards. This is mainly because the eastern part experiences later frost…..

Canadian growers shake their heads at talk of boycotting US goods
While headlines and social media postings continue to crop up encouraging Canadian consumers to boycott American products, Canadian growers say they feel very differently. Boycott reports and posts have been popping up with an increasing frequency after U.S. president Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister…..

Fernando Martín, of Procam Bio:
«We hope good weather and the World Cup will give consumption a boost»
The organic yellow and Piel de Sapo melon harvests have started this week in Granada. «The start of the campaign has been slow due to the instability of the weather this past spring. We started with a very high demand, but now it has slowed down as more significant volumes are entering the market,» explains…..

Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape: “This packhouse is a beacon in this area.”
Eden Agri Citrus: black farmers assume majority share-holding in packhouse
In February this year the fortunes of a number of black citrus farmers changed for the better with the formation of Eden Agri Citrus, a holding company that now holds the majority of shares in the Eden Agri Services citrus packhouse outside Fort Beaufort.Eric Nohamba, who has been farming citrus for 26 years,…..

South Africa: 2018 kumquat season gets underway
South Africa is the most important supplier of kumquats to Europe and the UK during the Northern summer and the export season has started with a crop expected to be on par with last year’s.With strong Spanish supplies remaining in the market for longer, the South African season got off to a slow start, but…..

Preventing E.coli O157 outbreaks in leafy vegetables
In April 2018, the CDC reported a multi-state outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections linked to Romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona with five deaths so far reported and hundreds sickened. Here, rapid microbiology finds out from Dr. Rachel Noble, an expert environmental molecular microbiologist, how…..

Sending fresh produce from Sicily to Russia, the Middle and Far East
Airnautic Italiadeals with the transport of goods by air. It was established in 2015 in Venice with the collaboration of Airnautic France and Airnautic Switzerland. It has recently opened a branch in Milan Segrate and will open another one in Rome Fiumicino soon. Their personnel have thirty years of experience…..

A tour of a California avocado grove
Avocado picking requires highly skilled laborers
The California avocado season is peaking and with June being California Avocado Month, timing is perfect for a tour of an avocado grove. The Golden State has about 2,000 commercial avocado growers who farm 54,000 acres of avocados together. Ranches are based as far north as Monterey county and as far south as…..

…but imposes tariffs instead
Things China was going to buy more of …
China will put higher tariffs on many of the goods it had earlier indicated it would buy more of, threatening retaliation against US farmers and energy producers for president Trump’s escalation of the trade conflict.Tariffs on 659 items will be raised by 25 percent, according to a final list released by the…..

Leamington growers take home awards at annual greenhouse competition
This past weekend, Leamington Ontario hosted its 11th annual Greenhouse Vegetable competition at the Leamington Fair. The competition showcases some of the largest greenhouse growers in North America, and awards their produce through various categories including Hottest Tomato, Perfect Pepper and Coolest…..

Plastic bin manufacturer launches new hybrid bins
Macro Plastics is expanding their line of Hybrid bins. Two new durable agricultural containers have been engineered to satisfy their customers’ needs for a strong reusable harvest bin that the company says protects their delicate produce and maximizes shipping efficiencies for worldwide transportation.These…..

FOOD Freshly met with enthusiasm at European Convenience Forum
German specialist extending shelf life without preservatives
In Europe, the pre-cut fruit market is growing at double-digit rates every year. FOOD freshly® has been specializing since 1994 in extending the shelf life of convenience fruit and vegetables. A classic example is the discoloration of, for example, apples, pears, lettuce and eggplants, which is halted by a…..

Mexico, Peru and Chile moving in
New Zealand: Exclusive avocado access to Australia under threat
Mexico, Peru and Chile are large scale exporters of avocados. They have set their sights on selling into the Australian market, threatening New Zealand’s exclusive access to this lucrative market. Australia is New Zealand’s number one market for avocados, worth $88 million in sales in the 2017-18 year. Total…..

First day of sales for fragrant coconuts from Thailand
Jiuye’s «global fresh catch» brand and Kaola in exclusive strategic cooperation
The brand of Jiuye Supply Chain, «global fresh catch», signed an exclusive deal for strategic cooperation with e-commerce platform Kaola on the eve of Kaola’s «June 18th, glorious global carnival». Jiuye’s brand will enter the «Kaola-global factory shop» where products are delivered to consumers directly from…..

NZ is missing a trick when it comes to export marketing
The NZ government needs to invest in a national food brand in the same way it spends $100 million each year to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination, says agrifood marketing expert and Lincoln University agribusiness management senior lecturer Nic Lees.He claims New Zealand producers are not emphasizing…..

Antwerp blockchain pilot pioneers: Secure and efficient document workflow
The Antwerp Port Authority and the Antwerp blockchain start-up T-Mining have developed a solution to make document flows safer and more efficient. Documents, such as certificates of origin and phytosanitary certificates, are transferred via blockchain technology and the document flow is automated by means of…..

US nutritionist claims positive effects
Fibromyalgia: Reducing symptoms by eating asparagus
An American clinical health nutritionist has claimed that adding vegetables like asparagus to your diet can reduce fibromyalgia symptoms. Dr. Josh Axe claims sufferers should try “melatonin-rich foods” as this will “help them sleep”. On his website, Axe continued : “As sleep disorders are common among…..

Sonae Group: e-commerce platform with CTT
GPA: new neighbourhood supermarket format
France’s Carrefour CEO: alliances making a differenceAs part of Carrefour’s AGM, its chief executive, Alexandre Bompard, has said the retailer’s new alliances with Google and Tencent are beginning to drive results. Bompard said the retailer’s digital commerce expansion was an ‘absolute priority’ given the…..

FreshPlaza funny
Animals will never let you be bored!


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