Europe Trend Week 24 – Fruitrop

However, the overall supply has fallen again. While the combined Africa/French West Indies supply has regained a barely average level (+2%) thanks to the FWI’s return to production, the seasonal fall from the dollar origins (Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica) has continued, albeit with substantial volumes (+10% / 2017 for Ecuador, +9%/2017 for Colombia). However, the overall supply is still bigger than in previous years, in a context of the incipient summer fall in demand. The sales slowdown has continued, especially in Northern Europe, because of the increasing temperatures and the progress by seasonal fruits (strawberries). Southern Europe has seen a less marked fall in demand, with supermarket sales still decent due to promotions in place, and competing fruits still limited (stone fruits delayed & damaged).
Finally, in Eastern Europe, the abundance of fruits rejected from Western Europe has disrupted the markets, driving prices down. Hence there have been stocks available here and there, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe, and prices have remained very low for the season. Finally, the Russian market has started to deteriorate due to the summer slowdown, and still substantial volumes. In Spain, with the platano supply still in shortfall, prices have remained historically high.