Europe Trend Week 14

Western Europe continuing to hold up, alongside further deterioration of East European markets.

Despite a shortened business week on certain markets (Italy, France, Germany, Poland), sales have maintained good overall vitality because of the ongoing favourable context (limited competition with seasonal fruits, cool temperatures, promotions on certain markets). However, the overall supply has continued to rise: increase in Ecuadorian, Colombian and Costa Rican production; rise in shipments from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.
In addition, logistical disruptions have continued to create temporary surplus volumes for certain importers. Hence while the West European markets are continuing to hold up, still registering above-average prices, East European markets have seen a bigger dip, with prices back to below-average levels.
Despite some price concessions, the Spanish market has stabilised because of a temporary fall in the supply and activity picking up.
Finally, in Russia, the balance has held up thanks to dynamic demand in the run-up to Orthodox Easter.