What are the requirements for exporting organic avocados?
«An organic certification is necessary for Michoacan Producers to export avocados to the United States,» says José Luis Tungüi Olivo, general director of Frhomimex (Organic Fruits and Vegetables of Michoacán) in Mexico, on his Linkedin page. This entity is best known for its brand «Don Aguacato».There is also…..

Job Offers:
• Driscoll’s Australia Pty Ltd, Substrate Grower – Launceston CBD, Tasmania
• Driscoll’s Australia Pty Ltd, National Nursery Manager – Australia

The internationalization of Venezuelan papayas
Venezuelan papayas stand out for their great quality and for being ideal for both every day and industrial use. So much so, that they are actually being used by the Nestlé company for the production of baby foods.»We have developed a production system that makes it easier for us to supply our customers with…..

Agriculture Minister calls on Jamaicans to invest more in idle lands
The new Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw, has reiterated calls for Jamaicans to invest more in farming on idle lands across the island.Speaking last Monday at the St. Mary Agricultural Show at Gray’s Inn Sports complex, Annotto Bay, Shaw said more investments from…..

China’s tariff on the US opens opportunities for Chilean prunes
«China’s additional 15% tariff on certain US products can, without a doubt, consolidate the presence of dehydrated plums in the Asian continent,» stated Andres Rodriguez, the executive director of Chile Prunes.Rodriguez made this statement after the Ministry of Finance of China confirmed on Monday that it…..

Costa Rica: Guava and jocote, susceptible to the fruit fly
Besides monitoring the fruit fly in horticultural products for export, the National Fruit Fly Program (PNMF) of the State Phytosanitary Service, of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), also monitors the national crops, which provide support for low-income families, through the Extension Agencies of…..

Argentina won’t limit imports of Italian tomatoes
Despite the strong protest of more than 35 thousand tomato producers from Cuyo, the Government refused to discuss a limitation on the entry of tomatoes from Italy, which has grown exponentially since the end of 2015.After a meeting held in the Ministry of Production, officials did not want to address the…..

Mexico: Habanero peppers have potential in Baja California
The Habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) is a hot climate vegetable that is regularly grown in a temperature range that reaches up to 35 degrees. Thus, it has the best development in subtropical areas such as Yucatan, a state that concentrates 73 percent of the cultivated area of habanero…..

Costa Rica: Pineapple sales increased by 19% in four years
According to data from Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Promotion Board (Procomer), Costa Rican exports of fresh pineapple grew by 19% between 2013 and 2017, going from $816 million to $970 million.This means that pineapple exports now rank second, only behind banana exports.Four years ago, the area planted with…..

Colombia: Pollination with bees could increase avocado yields
According to a study carried out by Edgar Arias, a Master of Agricultural Sciences at the National University, the pollination with Apis mellifera bees increases the production by 96% in crops that require entomophilic pollination, which consists in the transfer of pollen by means of insects to ensure…..

Costa Rica: Pineapple producer is awarded the Ecological Blue Flag
The Upala Agricola company was awarded the five-star Ecological Blue Flag of the Ecological Blue Flag Program (BAE), which seeks to encourage the application of best practices for the sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural production.This company is dedicated to the marketing and export of…..

Special South Africa

Cape Fire™: new deeply red pear impresses during difficult season
Just over a decade after Warm Bokkeveld pear farmer Henri du Plessis noticed a deep, maroon-red pear in a Forelle orchard, the new cultivar has been registered as the Cape Fire™ bi-coloured pear – a pear that is harvested at the very end of the season, two weeks after the Forelle harvest.The Cape Fire™ is…..

Global Focus Greenhouse Vegetables

Greenhouse grower to exhibit specialty range at Viva Fresh
Village Farms is ready for Viva Fresh Expo to be held in San Antonio, Texas April 5 -7. The company will have their full line of Texas Grown products on display at their booth number 129. Village Farms will be featuring all of its specialty tomatoes, including Heavenly Villagio Marzano, Cabernet Estate…..

Port of Dunkirk profits from empty return transport to UK
The port of the Northern French town of Dunkirk isn’t known as a port of call for fruits and vegetables. Located at a junction of trade routes, Luc van Holzaet, manager of Conhexa, sees many advantages for this port. His company has been located in the port for decades.In a regular year, roughly 400,000 tonnes…..

Frits Popma:
“More attention needed for innovations in ripening”
“Implementing innovations in ripening is difficult. The response often given is that it doesn’t fit or isn’t possible. The latter is nonsense,” says Frits Popma of Popma Fruitexpertise. His long history in ripening bananas and giving advice to companies means he has noticed that more attention should be paid…..

Maik de Groot, De Groot Fresh Group:
“We’d rather earn ten cents for ten years than one euro for one year”
Maik de Groot has been active as the fourth generation in his family company De Groot Fresh Group since 2010. After having overseen all aspects and having worked in all departments, he is now responsible for the service centres of De Groot Fresh Group, which includes all the ripening activities as well……

Munich trading company still successful
Fruit Agency La Frutta celebrates its 40th anniversary
Fruit Agency La Frutta -headquartered in the Munich Kontorhaus- celebrated its 40th anniversary last Sunday. In the 90s the cultivation as well as the marketing of Italian Rucola reached its climax. Since the beginning of 2000, the market has changed fundamentally and so have the activities of La Frutta. After…..

China: Garlic exports set to keep increasing for the new season
«The fresh garlic harvest in South China will start from the end of April, and the garlic season in North China will also kick off right after that. Considering the country’s total garlic production this year has increased compared to the previous years, garlic prices will be very likely to decline. The export…..

Antonio Montes:
Spain: «We already send mangoes to Hong Kong and Canada»
The Peruvian mango import campaign is already ending for Frutas Hermanos Montes, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler from Madrid, which will continue importing them from Mexico.»Last year was a little complicated because of the rains, and this Peruvian mango season has been very unstable due to the effects of El…..

Mixed markets for oriental vegetables imported into the US
Okra production in Honduras is seeing good numbers as favorable weather conditions there are helping to maintain a steady crop. Other oriental vegetables and products from around Central America and the Caribbean, however, are not enjoying such pleasant conditions, with a drop in the market on some of those…..

David Brazelton:
«More focus on good blueberries during sorting»
In 1990, most blueberries in the United States were packed in pulp packaging. In that year, the market changed drastically when Driscolls introduced the ‘clamshell’. This was a market revolution that filtered through to logistics. David Brazelton, CEO of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery saw how the market…..

Mardi de Graaf, Hagranop:
“Organic local production is the future”
For Mardi de Graaf of Hagranop it’s clear: the future is local and organic. He was one of the first to become dedicated to this. With Hagranop he built cold stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and he started local production locations. Additionally, he started his own production in Spain, and he…..

Wim Schipper, Delta Fresh:
“Aim for larger sizes in production”
The first half of the export season for Dutch onions went well. Now that the second half of the export season has started, the question is whether enough good batches remain available. Wim Schipper of Delta Fresh expects a difficult market, and emphasises the importance of large sizes.Delta Fresh from…..

“Reducing gas use could result in significant advantage”
ENGIE has noticed that onion companies are becoming more enthusiastic about condensation drying. “More and more people indicate this technique is the future,” says Marcel Bennink of Engie Refrigeration. The wetness during last year’s autumn reinforces this even more.“No longer being dependent on the outside…..

Video shows every cm of snow that fell on the lower 48 this year
Spring officially started this week, but winter held one last punch for the Northeast, sending the fourth nor’easter in three weeks up the Interstate 95 corridor on Wednesday.This map shows every centimetre of snow that fell in the contiguous USA this year.

About 80 percent of participants coming from abroad
Enormous international participation at the Tropical Fruit Congress
At the Tropical Fruit Congress, which will take place from 10 to 11 May at the Rimini Fair, 80% of participants – registered before March 20 – will come from abroad. Participation is very strong from South America, an area that has always been a big producer of exotic fruits, accounting for 62% of avocado…..

Asia-Pacific will consume the most fresh produce by 2030
According to a new market study carried out by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman and published exclusively by Fruit Logistica, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, consumers around the world will spend nearly 5 billion euro on fresh products by the year 2030.This figure, which is…..

International Berry Congress making plans for its next edition
The IV International Berry Congress, which is organized by Freshuelva and will be held on June 20 and 21 in Huelva, is already planning the activities and contents of the next edition. So far, they have planned four different parts: an official conference program, expositions and commercial presentations,…..

PMA’s traceability effort awarded in Brazil
The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) received recognition for its contributions in advancing produce traceability during the third annual RAMA Balance Conference March 19 in Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The award acknowledged PMA as partner institution supportive of RAMA, a fruit and vegetable…..

California table grape shipments pass 109 million mark again
California table grape growers produced 109.1 million boxes in 2017 with a crop value of $1.81 billion.A majority of the crop is typically consumed domestically and in 2017 that remained true with 64.2 percent of the crop consumed in the U.S. and 35.8 percent consumed in export markets. California table grapes…..

Vegetables may help protect elderly women from hardening of neck arteries
Elderly Australian women who ate more vegetables showed less carotid artery wall thickness, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association, the Open Access Journal of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.Cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower,…..

How the Avocado became the fruit of global trade
Under the volcanoes in Mexico’s Michoacán state, violent cartels are fighting to dominate a shadowy and lucrative market. One gang, called La Familia Michoacana, announced its presence about a decade ago by tossing five rivals’ heads onto a dance floor in the town of Uruapan. The Knights Templar muscled in…..

France: A2L refrigerant at core of fruit store
A French wholesale fruit distributor is using Honeywell’s “mildly flammable” A2L refrigerant Solstice L40X in a new state-of-the-art storage warehouse.The Ortolan facility in Marmande, southwest France, stores fruit and vegetables from local growers for delivery to the European market and beyond.The facility…..

US entomologist: Not all bugs are bad
Farmers should not be so quick to rid their crop fields of all insects, as some offer a biological control for invasive pests. Kevin Rice, the new field entomologist for the University of Missouri, says beneficial insects have been helping farmers for years.The impact of predatory bugs on crops dates back to…..

Pastes, powders and vitamins from waste vegetables
Australia: Manufacturing hope for ugly vegetables
The Latrobe Valley in the state of Victoria, Australia, could be the site for an innovative vegetable processing hub that will turn ugly produce -destined for the trash heap- into tasty treats and health products.The East Gippsland Food Cluster is looking into the feasibility of a processing plant to create…..

Paul Turner stepping up
PMA Australia-New Zealand welcomes a new director
Paul Turner, Merchandise Manager – Produce – at Woolworths Supermarkets has replaced Scott Davidson on the Produce Marketing Association Australia – New Zealand (PMA A-NZ) board. Scott has recently moved to New Zealand to take up the role of General Manager – Buying & Merchandise for Countdown.‘I…..

Asian market prospect is excellent
Chilean blueberries reach record export volume this quarter
Chile exported 110 thousand tons of blueberries between 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. That is an increase of 6% in comparison with the same period in the previous year. It is also a historical record volume. The main export destination is the North American market, but the Asian market has much…..

China: Banana prices dip in Jinan, Shandong
Data from the Price Monitor Center of the Jinan Shizhong District Price Bureau shows that the banana price is falling. The current banana price is 3 yuan [0.48 USD] per 0.5 kg, which is a price decrease of 9.09% in comparison with the previous week, and a price decrease of 14.29% in comparison with the same…..

US: Delaware caterer gets creative with fruits and vegetables
Craig Trostle comes from an artistic family. “My dad was an artist, my sister is very artistic, so it’s kind of been bred in us to have that artistic flair.” It was about 35 years ago while attending a restaurant trade show in Chicago that Trostle saw food carvings for the first time. It was something he…..

More and more demand for Cara Cara
Plenty of developments in the field of blood oranges
Due to the increasing popularity of Cara Cara oranges, the blood orange appears to be in more demand. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a mix-up, because Cara Cara is not part of the blood orange family. Cara Cara is a navel orange with red flesh that can be eaten as it is. Popular blood oranges such as Morro and…..

Tuta absoluta
Russia intercepts infected Israeli tomatoes
A batch of infected tomatoes arrived to the port of Novorossiysk from Israel, but did not make it to the kitchens of Kuban dwellers. Before the import permit was given, the cargo was carefully inspected by representatives of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.The experts found…..

Russia: Egyptian tangerines intercepted in Novorosiysk
24 tons of tangerines were intercepted at the port of Novorosiysk, Russia. The batch of tangerines arrived from Egypt. Before the produce reaches the retailers, every fruit is examined by a representative of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.The results of the laboratory test…..

When US firms benefited from a 20-year-old banana trade war
The United States (US) and China look set for a prolonged trade war. On Monday (2 April), the Xi Jinping government imposed retaliatory duties of 25 per cent on 128 US products, including pork and wine. The annual value of exports of these products is nearly $3 billion.Though China said the move was intended…..

Use of Social media platforms over time
This chart shows active users of various social media platforms over time.

Source: https://buff.ly/2GAqJ3A

Cambridge Institute Research
Asparagine amino acid important element in metastasising cancer cells
Generally, breast cancer patients don’t die from the primary tumour. Instead, this primary tumour often metastasizes (spreads) to the lungs, brain, bones or other organs. To be able to spread, cancer cells first need to leave the primary tumour, survive in the blood as “circulating tumour cells” and then…..

Mega Image: fast expansion in Romania continues
Spanish supermarket chain DIA plans to leave China
Russia’s Lenta implements Revionics price optimizationLenta, one of the largest retail chains in Russia, is a recognized retail innovator dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge machine-learning science and data analytics. Following a successful pilot in 2017, Lenta plans to deploy Revionics Price Optimization…..




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