Tuesday, March 06, 2018
Latin America edition

Chile projects a decrease in the volume of marketable dried plums
According to the first projections of the 2018 dried plum season, there will be 70,994 tons of marketable fruit, which only includes the sizes that can be processed and exported (there is a difference between the marketable fruit and the harvest fruit, which amounts to a higher volume). The marketable harvest…..

Job Offers:
• Camposol Fresh, Key Account Manager – Netherlands

Colombia: Cape gooseberries and gulupa exports grow
Cape gooseberry and gulupa exports are starting to register the most interesting growth in the exotic fruit export sector in Colombia, after banana exports, which continue to be the country’s most exported fruit -as in 2017 the country exported 97.8 million boxes worth USD 850 million -, and Hass avocado…..

Argentina: «The great tomato conflict»
The Chamber of Food Products Manufacturers (CIPA) will visit the Ministry of Production to express the urgent need to implement measures to prevent the disappearance of the 35% of the country’s producers, concentrated in Mendoza, San Juan, and La Rioja.The executive director of CIPA, Marcelo Ceretti, said that…..

Mexico: «The pineapple’s prospects are terrible»
Carlo Giuseppe Manica Grajales, the head of the Pineapple Product System industrial link in the state of Oaxaca, stated that he was pessimistic because of the tariffs that benefit the importation of one fourth of the canned pineapple that the country consumes. He also said he thought things would get worse.The…..

Peru second biggest supplier of avocados
The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) stated that Peru exported 247 thousand tons of avocado last year, i.e. 27% more than in 2016, which makes the country the second largest producer of avocados in the world.The country mainly ships Hass avocado. Exports of this variety amounted to nearly US $…..

Chile’s avocado has opportunities in Japan
Japan’s avocado imports have grown exponentially over twenty years, reaching more than US $ 200 million in 2016, and Mexico accounts for more than 90% of them. The Japanese still don’t recognize Chile as a leading provider.Avocados are not a usual consumption food in Japan. However, Japanese consumption has…..

Caroline Keeling:
“Much is uncertain about Brexit and a weak pound sterling isn’t positive”
With Brexit coming, much may change for Irish trade. Trade routes from Europe go via the British mainland, but for now, much is still uncertain. Caroline Keeling, CEO of Keelings, talks about the Irish market and considers the consequences of Brexit.In 1926, Caroline’s grandparents started growing vegetables……

Raspberries: from substance to hype
Raspberry consumption is continuously increasing. Biochemical researcher, Jules Beekwilder, of the Wageningen Univesity and Research (WUR) has some experience with this fruit and still follows the raspberry’s progress. More than ten years ago he published a piece stating that raspberries contain a special…..

Building up after fall of Yugoslavia and war in the 1990´s:
Croatian apple producer picking up what predecessors started
Although larger scale developments in apple production in Croatia might seem like a recent development, the potential was actually evident as far back as 1950, after it was clear that the micro-climate in the country was excellent for fruit production. Being located 200 metres above sea level gives the area…..

North America: Hot pepper growers struggling to meet demand
Hot pepper growers are enjoying excellent conditions for their produce, as the weather warms up. The Culiacan region in Mexico is seeing the bulk of production right now. Temperatures rose during the month of February, but the increase has plateaued, which is a good result for growers.»Right now, our hot…..

Special Australia / New Zealand

Kate Sutherland – Burlington Berries

«Pay people properly and treat them well»
Burlington Berries Pty Ltd is a family-owned company producing soft fruit, established in 2012. With over 35ha of soft fruit, it is one of the largest independent berry growers in Tasmania. Originally one of the richest wheat growing areas in Tasmania, today Cressy is home to many specialised crops including…..

Global Focus Grapes

Strong end expected for South African grapes
The harvest of South African grapes is still going strong in the Hex River and packing is expected to continue for at least four more weeks. The Northern Province and Orange River regions have finished packing and reached volumes mid-range within the 4th crop estimate and marginally above the upper limit of…..

Great enthusiasm for propane cooling brine with self-developed storage software
‘Propane guarantees safety during the storage phase’ ‘
The application of advanced propane facilities for fruit storage is rapidly gaining in importance. At the recent Fruchtwelt Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, the Kratschmayer, Kälte-Klima-Lüftung GmbH from Kupferzell encountered much enthusiasm for its propane cooling brine with self-developed storage software. The…..

Strong pricing on imported Chinese ginger to the U.S.
With Chinese New Year having passed, ginger is once again on the move from China to the U.S. “The market right now for ginger is a little bit stronger because for Chinese New Year, they close the plants and stop shipping,” says Juan Pablo Lozano of Miami, Fl.-based Garland, LLC. “It was not enough though…..

More Brussels sprouts coming from Mexico each year
Suppliers have noted a gradual increase in the supply of Brussels sprouts coming from Mexico. Each year, more production occurs in Mexico which is resulting in lower market prices. Some are seeing this as a result in the overall growth of the category and predict that this trend will continue.»This Brussels…..

Positive signs for upcoming Florida peach season
There are positive signs that the Florida peach season will be a good one this year. The moderate cold snap that the state experienced at the start of the year helped the trees prepare well for the upcoming season. Growers expect the start of the season to be close to the average in terms of timing.»It looks…..

Elena Rogojnikova of Hagé International:
«Coming avocado season looks promising»
Last year’s there were shortages at the start of the avocado season in South Africa. This was due to the drought, and later in the season the hail, experienced there. This year, the season started much better. It is expected that the ZZ2 growers will have a much stronger crop, with better sizes, for the Hass…..

Greek producer sees increased European demand for sweet corn
More and more European consumers are becoming familiar with sweet corn, especially after they learn about its nutritional benefits or are searching for additional fruits and vegetables to include in their diet. Greek sweet corn grower, Zisis Farm, is looking to expand their exports to Europe and was busy at…..

With robot-assisted pepper packaging
30% more productivity and fewer failures
Combilo – a leading fruit and vegetables wholesaler in the Netherlands, recently installed a new robot-assisted packaging line and, overnight, increased productivity by 30%. The new packaging line includes delta robots and a vision system from Omron and was built by the systems integrator EasyPack…..

Losses for Carrefour
Carrefour had a difficult year in 2017. Turnover growth at the French supermarket chain decreased and amounted to 1.6 per cent. In 2016, this was 3 per cent. Operation profit decreased by 14.7 per cent. The chain says considerable French competition, increased distribution costs on the most important markets,…..

Digital platform shows seafreight service offerings
Sea Explorer offers Kuehne + Nagel’s customers an easy gateway to the company’s comprehensive overview of direct global seafreight services. With access to more than 3,000 vessels and more than 750 direct weekly services, Kuehne + Nagels network provides maximum flexibility in global container transport for…..

Due to storm slamming East Coast
Ship on the way to Port of Charleston loses containers
The crew of a container ship on its way to the Port of Charleston saw between 70 and 73 cargo containers go overboard on Saturday night during high winds and rough seas off the coast of North Carolina.The Maersk Shanghai contacted U.S. Coast Guard officials to say the containers went into the ocean about 17…..

Floating market in Willemstad comes to an end
For some people, it may be unimaginable, but it has really happened. The floating fruit market in the Punda district of Willemstad has closed. Last Saturday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the last boats left Curaçao.The Venezuelans can no longer get fruit and vegetables from their own country because of the…..

Now Woolworths gets slammed
Internet spat about packaged bananas
There was an uproar yesterday when a shopper took this picture of bananas on pallets inside an Australian supermarket. And well, it is a mystery: Are there still people who don’t want to cut down on plastic packaging?

Port of Antwerp intensifies cooperation with coast of West Africa
Antwerp and Dakar port authorities are to collaborate more closely in the next few years. In this way Antwerp, the second-largest port in Europe, seeks to reinforce its historic position as leader on the coast of West Africa. The Senegalese port of Dakar for its part views the collaboration as a way to…..

Mombasa Governor Joho’s message from Estonia
Last week, Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, left the Republic of Estonia, where he and his County Executives had had a productive meeting with the Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mait Palts.Earlier, Joho had said about the visit: «I am delighted and honoured to begin a…..

The market will have difficulty achieving recovery
China: Apple supply exceeds demand
China is a big player in both the production and consumption of apples but, as a result of a continuous growth in apple production, supply is currently exceeding demand. The estimated production volume in 2017 was 43.5 million tons. 86% of those apples were destined for the domestic fresh food market. Around…..

China: Kingship officially starts Chilean investment project
The Chinese Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion and the Shenzhen Kingship Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Kingship) jointly organized a meeting in the Chilean capital Santiago for the official opening ceremony of their Chilean investment project.Vice-minister of the Chilean…..

USDA calculates Idaho potato crop value grew 22.7%
Idaho, the United State’s top producing potato state since 1957, reached a new crop high in 2017. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the preliminary estimated value for the Idaho Potato crop is $1.2 billion, a 22.7% leap from the previous year. Harvested acreage was down 5% and yields were down…..

CPMA pleased with progress at Round 7 of NAFTA
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is pleased with the progress made during Round 7 of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which concluded today in Mexico City. The closing of the Good Regulatory Practices Chapter, the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Chapter and…..

You’ll be throwing out the most nutritious bits
Stop wasting time peeling your vegetables
If you want maximum nutrition ánd save some time, then don’t bother peeling your vegetables. That’s the message dietitian Themis Chryssidis of Sprout Cooking School wants to put out. He claims there’s hardly a vegetable that can’t be eaten with its skin on.»The skin has heaps of nutrition and if time is…..

Probiotic foods along with prebiotics maintains gastro-intestinal health
Dietitian Manuel Villacorta is passionate about probiotic foods, but is very concerned about visceral fat that is stored in the gut. «This belly fat is probably the worst fat you can have in excess. By reducing visceral fat you reduce inflammation and you reduce many chronic diseases.”But in order for…..

Research into pregnant women with bowel diseases:
Health benefits of traditional Norwegian foods
Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, can affect pregnancy. Women with these diseases are more likely to have small or premature babies. But pregnant women who restricted themselves to traditional Norwegian foods had less risk of these outcomes than women with extremely…..

Spain: Rise in avocado prices at origin
Avocados have placed the Axarquia, in Malaga, on the map. It is the only European region capable of producing them and they are also contributing to improving the financial results of agriculture in the Costa del Sol. Subtropical crops, including mangoes, have generated a turnover in exports of more than 300…..

Michael Marks, the Produce Man

Drawing on banana peels – Why not?
Stephan Brusche is the man who turns bananas into works of art.The former graphic designer from the Netherlands sees them as a canvas for “fruit doodles”; very detailed drawings done with toothpicks, a knife and ballpoint pen.And this familiar image.Brusche is creating some nice things, but he’s certainly not…..

A world of languages – and how many people speak them

Manager of Vietnamese national team:
Park Hang-seo to promote Korean agricultural products
Park Hang-seo, a Korean football manager currently in charge of the Vietnamese national football team, will be promoting Korean agricultural products abroad. He was appointed by the Agriculture Ministry as a promotions ambassador for exports of agricultural products last week. The former member of Guus…..

at JPI
New packaging line processes 20,000 mini cucumbers per hour
The new sorting and packaging line by Christiaens Agro Systems processes 20,000 mini cucumbers. The new system, consisting of 6 robots, 4 packaging lines with a capacity of 20,000 pieces per hour, was introduced last Friday in the shed of Tromptransport in Eindhoven. The presentation attracted various…..

Lidl Italia updates its store design
Union Coop: record profit
Ahold Delhaize’s Maxi named favourite supermarket in SerbiaAhold Delhaize has announced that its Maxi retail banner was voted as Serbian consumers’ favourite supermarket at the recent My Choice awards. The awards, which are organised by tourism organisation My Serbia and the country’s Chamber of Commerce and…..

FreshPlaza funny
Let it snow….