Monday, February 26, 2018
Latin America edition

Positive season for Argentinian blueberries
«It’s a constant process of changing production to newer varieties»
“The Argentinian blueberry season has been quite positive. In general, it was much better than the season of 2016. During that year the Peruvian supply and Argentinian supply overlapped, so the market collapsed. Even though there are markets that prefer our fruit because of the taste and sweetness (higher brix…..

Peru will be the guest of honor in the next Biofach
The Commission for the Promotion of Peru in Exports and Tourism, Promperu, stated that Peru would be the guest of honor in the next edition of Biofach, the world’s most important organic products fair, which will be held from February 13 to the 16, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.»It is a great honor and a great…..

Mexico achieved a record export of fresh and dehydrated mango to US
Mexico broke the record for its exports of fresh and dehydrated mango to the United States in 2017, with total shipments worth 334 million dollars.Both types of products have a potential growth in foreign sales, due to Mexico’s geographical position, phytosanitary controls, trade agreements, product quality,…..

Panama exports pineapples to Dubai after participating in Fruit Logistica
The Primero Cuarenta Group exported two containers with 1,680 boxes of fruit to Dubai under the Panama Exports country brand.The company was able to achieve this export thanks to its participation in Fruit Logistica 2018, in early February, and it will be the first company from Panama to showcase the country’s…..

Chile launches its fresh fruit export offer in South Korea
«This is the first time we have carried out a promotion that highlights all of Chile’s fresh fruit export offer available in the Korean market. This time we are carrying out our campaign in the E-Mart supermarket, specifically with table grapes, cranberries and cherries,» said Charif Christian Carvajal, the…..

Within the Americas:
Peru: Top exporter of tangerines, clementines and tangelos
In 2017, Peru consolidated its position as the Americas’ top exporter of tangerines, clementines, and tangelos, surpassing Chile, the United States and Argentina. This was reported in a statement by the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur), last Friday.The country’s citrus fruit sales (143,000 tons)…..

Belize: Heavy rainfall ruins crops
According to the Belize Ministry of Agriculture, the rains of January and February have caused incalculable damage to the agricultural industry, disrupting the production of grains, fruits, root crops and vegetables.The Ministry is currently trying to calculate the total losses caused by the rains, but it…..

“We expect promotable volumes of avocado”
Avocado market more balanced this year
Last year was recorded in avocado history as a year of shortages and all of its consequences. So far, 2018 is looking like a year with better supply. Or, as Robb Bertels of Mission Produce characterises the market: “We’re expecting promotable volumes.” Along with colleagues James C. Donovan and Brent L……

US (LA): Cold snap will delay strawberries and increase costs
The recent cold snap is causing strawberry growers to go into babysitting-mode, using cloth covers to save their early crop.Many farmers double-covered their strawberries to hold warmer air near the plants and keep the frigid temperatures out, said Whitney Wallace, LSU AgCenter agent in Tangipahoa Parish……

Excess hot peppers seen on US west coast
Hot peppers are seeing an extra boost in volume this season. “We’re having an abundance of supply,” says Ely Trujillo with Superior Growers LLC of Las Vegas, Nev. who is currently loading its variety of peppers including Jalapenos, Serranos, Habaneros, Thai chillies and more out of Nogales, Ariz. “It’s…..

Special Fruit Logistica

New partnership established for Crimson Snow
The Crimson Snow® Club recently met for the annual Crimson Snow® Global Meeting. The club welcomed at Fruit Logistica the new French partner, Mesfruits, on board by officially signing the contract. The group took the opportunity to analyse trends and tendencies and to discuss the next strategic steps.»The…..

Global Focus Organic

New harvest of South African organic pumpkins
Dutch company Q-cape from Dronten will supply its organic pumpkins grown in South Africa under the new ‘Cape Orange’ brand from now on. In this way, the company hopes to distinguish itself on the European market for organic products.Last year, Q-cape introduced the first South African organic pumpkins on the…..

Study compares organic and conventional strawberries
Organic farming systems may affect the food composition and produce healthy foods. The aim of a new study was to compare the nutritional quality, antioxidant properties and pesticide residues of organic or conventional strawberries.Materials and methodsIn a first experiment, organic and conventional fruits…..

Organic papaya program opened the doors to a full organic line
“We are in the third year of our organic papaya program,” says Andres Ocampo with HLB Specialties. The program was started in response to increased consumer demand for organic papayas. “It was our first organic product and we definitely had some challenges to overcome in the beginning,” Ocampo shared. The main…..

Munch’n Kiwiberry breaks into new markets with 2018 season
Freshmax is thrilled to be launching their Munch’n kiwiberries into India this week. This will be the first shipment of New Zealand kiwiberries into India, as a result of a great relationship with importer Suri Agro Fresh. They have been quick to recognise a recent surge in interest for fresh berries with…..

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Darren Drury – T&G Global
Positive year for key New Zealand varieites
As Europe moves into spring, new season New Zealand apples are being packed and shipped to all corners of the world. New Zealand Apples & Pears are predicting a volume of 576,172 metric tonnes, similar to 2015.»The New Zealand apple estimate is looking positive,» says Darren Drury, executive general…..

Marmorated stink bug increases risk for horticulture
Australian and NZ authorities on alert for new pest
Australian and New Zealand authorities are on heightened alert for a new pest in the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) following an increase in detections in both countries.A major threat to the horticulture sectors in both countries, BMSB is native to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. In 1998, the bug was…..

Serroplast produces nets, films and covers for vineyards and soft fruit crops
Young, innovative and constantly evolving – Serroplast is a company producing and trading nets, films and cover accessories for vineyards and soft fruits. After the 8th International Table Grape Symposium in October 2017, we talked to Giuseppe Borracci(New Market Developer) who manages the entire team with his…..

Ontario, Canada
Increased consumer demand drives strawberry and lettuce greenhouse expansion
Mucci Farms is in the third year as well as the third expansion phase of its greenhouse grown strawberry program. Smuccies™ were commercially launched in 2016 on a 12-acre site. “We completed phase two this past October, bringing us to a total of 24 acres of greenhouse grown strawberries,” says Bert Mucci, CEO…..

Italy is not culturally ready for biodynamic agriculture
Various types of cabbage and pumpkins produced in summer but commercialised in winter and mainly destined to the British market – fresh-cut products, edible flowers and lettuce – this is the range currently available fromAmico Bio. Amico Bio’s team at Fruit Logistica 2018.Established in 1994 as a family…..

Yuanbao is the Chinese cabbage variety most resistant to green aphids
The green peach aphid, Myzus persicae, is harmful to many crops all over the world and is a vector for over 100 plant viruses. It is the main parasite of brassicas such as Chinese cabbage from northern China. Chemical control is widely used to control this aphid, but the increasing resistance to pesticides is…..

Italy: 2018 lemon season looking good despite the delays
«Despite the difficulties caused by the winter frost and drought in summer and autumn, 2017 was rather good for Italian lemons thanks to an increase in consumption. This year seems to be good as well: production is looking well, even though the lack of rain in summer caused small grades and delayed harvesting…..

Manfred Berbel, commercial director of Zumex Group:
«Freshly-squeezed orange juice grows considerably compared to other categories»
Orange juice continues to be in high demand, both by the domestic and the international markets. This was explained by the commercial director of Zumex Group, Manfred Berbel.»The founding of our firm is strongly linked to orange juice, as Zumex came to be after the development of an innovative squeezing system…..

Italy: Organic Royal Gala, Williams pears and seedless grapes doing great
«Autumn products have gone very well for Canova, a company, part of Apofruit, specialising in organic produce,» explains Ernesto Fornari, Canova director, who also confirmed that organic produce has become increasingly popular in Germany as well.»The autumn season went very well: Royal Gala apples sold at…..

Italy: Is agriculture really a primary sector?
Companies are increasingly trying to widen their product ranges to meet market demands so as not to risk losing an entire season due to weather events or commercial trends.This is what has drivenAzienda Agricola Marco Granata, an APOCpartner since January 1st 2015 and specialising in summer fruit (peaches,…..

Club variety stores extremely well and quality remains stable
Germany: ‘Local Xenia pears expected to remain available for 6 weeks’
Despite the presence of foreign lots from South Europe and overseas, the domestic pear market is quite stable. Although some varieties in important growing areas such as the Lake Constance region have already been supplied, there is no question of a shortage of products at the fruit wholesale market of…..

Limbua GmbH: Bio still lags behind conventional products
‘Macadamia nuts more popular in the German market’
Macadamia nuts have clearly established themselves in the food retail trade (LEH) in recent years. Due to the efforts of the discounters, the nutrient-rich nut variety is becoming more and more the focus of the German consumers, and so their consumption is gradually increasing. That was the reason for the…..

Tony Derwael (Bel’Export) advises Belgian top fruit growers to clear in time”
“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”
The Belgian apple season started with a 70 per cent lower harvest, and stocks are now also negligible. “Within a few weeks, it’ll be over for the apples,” says Tony Derwael of Bel’Export. He talks about an exceptional season. “For this kind of scarcity, we’d have to go back to 1991. Except prices then were…..

Italy: Clients ask for remote-controlled units
Storage, germination and growth cells – what’s important is monitoring parameters and keep everything under control via smartphone. These are the latest demands made by Monti&C Tecnologie clients.»Last year went well thanks to the numerous new orders. Our lengthy experience, combined with the participation…..

Lauvsnes Gartneri sings Tomatsangen
This is the best tomato video you will see all day
At HortiDaily we try not to participate in clickbait journalism too much. We don’t want to inform you with articles like «This guy built a greenhouse and you’ll never believe what happened next» or «He switched to a different screen and the results are amazing!» Today though, we are making an exception to our…..

Jan Kees Boon, Fruit and Vegetable Facts
Russian fruit and vegetable imports partially recovered
When compared to the previous year, Russian imports of fresh fruit and vegetables have increased considerably over the last year. A total of 7,1 million tonnes was imported, 17% more than in 2016. It is, however, not nearly as much as in 2013. In the year before the boycott came into force, Russia imported…..

China: analysis of current fruit market conditions
China is a large player in the fruit industry. China is both the largest fruit producer and the largest fruit consumer. It also holds first position in the surface area devoted fruit and in the production volume of various kinds of fruits. In various segments of the production chain, however, there are still…..

Organic food consumption continues to increase in Europe
The consumption of organic food in Europe generated sales worth 33,500 million Euro in 2016; 11.4% more than in the previous year. Of this, 30,700 million Euro corresponded to the European Union (+12%), which is the second most important market after the United States. The data was published in the yearbook…..

Overlaying Europe onto Australia
…No worries?

Another attempt to give you a sense of scale.
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‘Taco Friday’ continues to boost avocado sales in Sweden
Friday night means ‘taco Friday’ for many Swedish households. This phenomenon has had a huge effect on avocado sales over the last few years, with guacamole being an unmissable part of the taco experience. For major retailer ICA, avocado sales continued to grow in 2017, with an increase in consumer spending…..

Packaging association announces elected Board of Directors for 2018
The annual election to the Board of Directors of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) resulted in the addition of four new directors and the return of three directors for the two-year term of 2018-2019. The four new directors on the RPA Board are:Mr. Andrae Kirkland, Senior Analyst, Craft Integration &…..

US: Senators call on Trump for TPP reengagement
U.S. Senator Steve Daines led 25 senators in sending a letter to President Trump urging the President to act on his recent statements expressing interest in reconsidering an improved Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). “With 95 percent of the world’s consumers living outside of America’s borders, expanding trade…..

European Court of Auditors examining organic food control system
The European Court of Auditors (ECA) is conducting an audit of organic-food checks in the EU. The examination will encompass the control system governing the production, processing, distribution and import of organic products. They will also try to assess whether consumers can now have greater confidence that…..

Raspberry boom turns into oversupply for Ukrainian producers
After frosts caused shortages in Poland and Serbia, traders wondered if Ukrainian raspberries would be enough to bridge the gap, causing prices for frozen raspberries to rise from August-October 2017, with European companies agreeing to buy the fruits at 1.1 EUR / kg, while the prices for extra class raw…..

Italy: Crates made from unsold artichoke waste
Unsold artichoke waste made into vegetable crates – the Smart Materials research group at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, led by Athanassia Athanassiou, in collaboration with Società Gestione Mercato di Genova (SGM) and Ascom Confcommercio, has developed a bioplastic sustainable packaging solution.The project…..

«A tribute to waste and the absurd»
Spain: Single onions packed on trays with cling film?
Can an onion make you cry without you even touching it? A picture that has been circulating on social media has shown that it can at least make you feel sad. It is the photo of a whole onion that, despite being covered with its own skin, is sold packed on a plastic tray with cling film on top.The photograph,…..

Italy: Melinda expects good profits for producers
As reported by L’Adige, the general assembly of Consorzio Melinda has approved the budget for 2017/18.»The estimated value of €85 million (i.e. €0.72/kg) is excellent, however costs will affect profits more because of the lower production.» Due to frost in 2017, harvests were in fact lower than average, with a…..

Germany: 8,000 new containers in Hamburg Süd colors
More than 8,000 new boxes with the characteristic red exterior and the white ‘Hamburg Süd’ lettering have been delivered by container factory Maersk Container Industry (MCI) in the Chinese city of Dongguan. The 40’ high cube dry containers, which have been in production since mid-January, are coated with a…..

Apples: High prices along the value chain
The April frosts led to significant losses in the apple harvest of 2017. At the end of 2017, this led to high prices in the Swiss wholesale and retail trade. A comparison of prices from October to January with the prices of previous years shows the rise in the three major apple varieties Gala, Braeburn and…..

Canada relaxes quarantine standards for South Korean pears
In a statement last Sunday, Seoul’s Agriculture Ministry revealed that Canada has eased quarantine standards for pear imports from South Korea. This most probably will enable this fruit to expand its presence in the North American market, The produce of pear orchards, located within 200 meters of peach trees,…..

‘Vegetable’ is successor to hit song ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’
Two years ago, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) was the video watched most on YouTube in the Netherlands. Justin Bieber tweeted about the song, calling it his favourite video on the internet. The song now has a successor: Vegetable. “After apples and pineapples, vegetable names were the only direction I could go…..

Hardly any difference from a regular lorry
Self-driving lorries hit the road
This lorry might look very normal: but it’s far from normal. It’s a self-driving lorry, which has been developed by Uber.Uber has been interested in self-driving lorries for a while now, and in 2016, they bought start-up Otto. At that time, the Otto lorries still looked a bit clunky, and they had cameras…..

Mahaorange, Maharashtra
Indian trial orange consignment ready to go to Middle East
The first Mahaorange trial consignment of 1,500 kg of oranges is to be sent to Kuwait and Bahrain by February 27. Though this year nearly 60 percent of their crop has been lost due to an intense hailstorm, Mahaorange – an association of 5 orange growers co-operative societies – is preparing to dispatch this…..

Assam, India:
New plant shows crop promise
The fruits of a new species, Smilax sailenii, discovered in 2012, can be developed into a horticultural crop. This species, belonging to the family Smilacaceae, was discovered by Jatindra Sarma, a forest officer working in Karbi Anglong district. It has now been published on in the current issue of Taiwania, a…..

Social media pranking:
Sweden: Teenagers accused of attacking teacher with a cucumber
Two boys aged between 15 and 18 were accused of physically assaulting a teacher at a school in Karlstad by hitting her on the head with a cucumber. The boys are accused of assault, as well as invasion of privacy for filming the attack. The teacher was not seriously injured but is still on sick leave two weeks…..

Improving education & health results in lower birth rates
Population growth chart

The Earth’s population growth rate could be declining steeply.
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Green-Door gets a warm welcome from top supermarkets
Conad: Online supermarket service launched in Italy
New Zealand retail sales rise in Q4, fueled by groceriesNew Zealand retail sales picked up the pace in the fourth quarter, rising 1.7% as consumers splashed out on groceries and dining out, official data showed. That put sales 5.4% higher on the year, Statistics New Zealand reported. Food and beverage sales…..

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