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First day of Fruit Logistica Berlin
The FreshPlaza team will be at Fruit Logistica in Berlin this week and so we won’t be sending our newsletters on Thursday or Friday, but we will of course be back on Monday with a full photoreport from the trade fair.

The first day of Fruit Logistca saw thousands of visitors descend on Berlin Messe. The halls were relatively busy and stand holders in general were happy with the turnout so far, although a few said that clients who would usually visit were not coming this year.

The tradefair will continue on Thursday and Friday giving visitors the opportunity to see the standholders.

Venezuela is investing in the agricultural sector
«Venezuela is a rich country when it comes to the quality of its lands, which are extremely fertile. The country’s geographical variation allows for the planting and harvesting of several tropical species during most of the year, given the stable weather conditions. Moreover, our location in the north of South…..

Colombia could become world’s second biggest producer of avocados
At the end of 2014, Sergio Torres left his position as the director of national purchases and sales in Olmue Colombia, a frozen fruit company, to develop a new project. Torres, along with three Chilean investors -Felipe Barros, Gines Reñasco and Anibal Correa- formed a company dedicated to producing Hass…..

Mexico will export 15% more avocados to the US
The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has not had an impact on the export of Mexican avocados to the United States, which will grow by 15 percent this year, said the strategic adviser of the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado from Mexico (APEAM), Ramon Paz…..

Argentina: Expofrut puts its plant in Albardon up for sale
The table grape crisis has affected Expofrut, the largest exporter in the province of San Juan, which last year closed its facilities and is now selling its premises.The company had a very well-oiled logistics operation and bought table grapes and stone fruit to more than 100 producers from San Juan. It had…..

The CPTPP, an opportunity to develop Peruvian exports
The possible reincorporation of the US into the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the TPP (CPTPP), which would make this the second most important bloc in the world, as it would account for more than 25% of the global gross domestic product, represents an opportunity to develop Peruvian exports, said…..

Mexico: Last year’s avocado production broke records
Mexico produced a record 1,997,629 tons of avocado in 2017, and the country continues to be the largest producer of this fruit worldwide, stated the Mexican government on Wednesday.Of that production, at least 100,000 tons were sent in these weeks to the United States so that NFL fans can prepare guacamole for…..

Kyle McKinney:
«20% reduction of pesticides needed in fight against Black Sigatoka»
Susceptibility to disease adds up to a third on banana sales prices. This is what Kyle McKinney of Alltech Crop Science recently estimated in an interview. The Black Sigatoka, the disease to which he is referring, is a significant threat to banana farmers in Costa Rica. This is why this country was the basis…..

Peru: Agro-exports to reach $7 billion in 2018
In 2018, Peruvian agro-exports will total some $7 billion. The main destination will most probably be the Asian market. This is according to a projection by the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry.Minister Jose Arista: «This year, agro-exports will reach US$7 billion, thus registering a growth rate of 8%.” He…..

Displacing the US and Canada
Peru is the world’s third largest exporter of blueberries
Peruvian blueberry shipments, one of Peru’s most representative fruit exports, achieved a new record. In 2017, this superfood managed to enter China and this country became one of its main destinations, stated the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).Last year, exports of blueberries to the Asian…..

35,000 square feet
Singaporean rooftop farms announced
It was only last week we introduced you to a view of Singaporean agriculture. «Singaporeans have to get creative, because there’s just not enough space for huge fields full of crops or massive greenhouses», we concluded, and it turns out that they do. Today we present you two new integrated farms. Urban…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Futura targets healthy snacking with new line of dried apples
By using a unique drying method, Frutura will be showing off its new line of dried apple wedges at Fruit Logistica this year. The product was developed to meet increasing customer demand for regional quality and ready-to-eat foods coupled with sustainability and a healthy diet.Steiermark Genuss apple…..

Heliospectra’s new software brings automated lighting for improved yields
Heliospectra will be showcasing their HelioCORE software at this year’s Fruit Logistica. The software integrates with Heliospectra’s intelligent LED lights and light sensors and enables growers to automate light settings for improved plant quality and yields.The initial release of the HelioCORE control…..

Ethiopia present for the first time at Fruit Logistica
At Fruit Logistica, the international trade fair for fruit and vegetables, which takes place in Berlin from 7 to 9 February 2018, Ethiopia will be represented for the first time with its own stand . Seven exhibitors from all over Ethiopia will be showing the wide range of products from the African interior at…..

Global Focus Organic

Popularity of specialty organic mushrooms on the rise for Westerners
Sawdust (and other components) make for some tasty specialty mushrooms. A mix of sawdust with corn cobs, kelp meal and various brans provides the perfect substrate for growing specialty organic mushrooms. In nature, mushrooms grow naturally on dead wood so it only makes sense to use this type of technology…..

Change expected in second quarter
US: Malanga enjoying good production and solid demand
Supplies of Malanga are currently steady, as good weather in the growing regions in Ecuador and Mexico ensures good production. All three main varieties are available at this time of year, with Coco the only one currently grown in Mexico.»Supplies are currently coming along well,» said Jose Roggiero, of…..

Lucien de Wit, Luba Fresh:
«India starting in an almost empty white grape market»
Whereas in previous years the grape market occasionally collapsed, the opposite is true this year. «There haven’t been large volumes available for weeks and the prices are higher than in other years,» says Lucien de Wit of Luba Fresh. «The prices of white seedless grapes are around 11-12.50 Euro and blue…..

Italy: Grades making a difference on the kiwi market
The kiwi campaign continues with good sales and prices for larger grades and difficulties for the smaller ones. Specialising in kiwis could lead to them becoming a point of reference and conquering new clients and markets.Left to right:Agrintesa DirectorCristian Moretti and Alegra Director Mauro Laghi»The kiwi…..

Italy: Summer weather affected onions
The leading producer and trader who took the pictures below is disheartened – he was forced to throw away dozens of tons of onions not so much because of storage conditions, but rather due to the raw material itself.Notice the water released by the rotting onions under the bins»It’s the first time something…..

Fresh and innovative: Novel Packaging Solutions Offered by StePac at Fruit Logistica 2018
StePac will be presenting several new lines of fresh packaging solutions at this year’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin.StePac Technical Development Manager, Gary Ward, PhD. says «We’re very excited to be presenting novel high clarity, aesthetically pleasing, modified atmosphere-modified humidity (MA/MH) films with…..

Is this what our transport will look like in future?
Watch the film here.

Report from Zambia
The trip to Zambia to present Macfrut was the perfect occasion for the Italian delegation led by Renzo Piraccini to visit a few companies and retailers. The two companies present, perfectly reflect how things work in Zambia: the first is a large business reconverting non-profitable summer crops while the other…..

Exports during organic winter season start more gradually
In the Netherlands and neighbouring countries, the harvest results for outdoor vegetables — particularly compared to the previous season — are fairly high across the line. It will therefore be challenging to sell all product groups properly. However, according to Mtoto Keijzer, owner of Bioport, organic…..

Louisiana sweet potato growers enjoy strong local base
Abundant supply has caused the market for Louisiana sweet potatoes to remain quite flat in recent months. The weather during the growing season had fluctuated, however overall production was high, leaving growers with a strong supply for the packing season.»We are in the middle of the packing season now after…..

Jeffrey Moret, TOFF:
«Good foreign organic top fruit season expected»
The demand for organic fruit and vegetables is demonstrating a continuing upward trend. «We are currently in a transition period with many of the products. The European organic top fruit season is almost over and we are on the brink of the foreign season», says Jeffrey Moret, Managing Director at TOFF, a Dutch…..

Delux produces top-quality Sicilian citrus fruit
«The year has been rather difficult for the Sicilian citrus fruit sector, especially due to the competitiveness of the citrus fruit available from the rest of the Mediterranean,» explains Sebastiano Campisi, owner of the Delux brand together with his nephew Giuseppe Campisi.In the photo: Sebastiano Campisi,…..

Hybrid fungicide now available in Serbia for apple scab
STK bio-ag technologies today announced that REGEV™ has just been registered for use in Serbia by the Ministry of Agriculture for the control of apple scab. This new broad-spectrum solution is based on the mixture of TTO and Difenoconazole, an easy-to-use formulation known as ‘Hybrid’ which creates an…..

Hybrid fungicide now available in Serbia for apple scab
STK bio-ag technologies today announced that REGEV™ has just been registered for use in Serbia by the Ministry of Agriculture for the control of apple scab. This new broad-spectrum solution is based on the mixture of TTO and Difenoconazole, an easy-to-use formulation known as ‘Hybrid’ which creates an…..

China: «Frozen veggies are healthier than fresh ones»
«In the past two years, the sales of frozen vegetables on the domestic markethave been stable. Selling prices for frozen vegetables mainly depend on the purchasing power of the international market and the domestic prices of raw ingredients. Unfortunately, Chinese customers still prefer fresh vegetables to the…..

Johann Koch company tests the cultivation of new varieties
‘Bavarian-grown’ becomes bigger selling point every day
Regional and organic goods have been on the rise for several years now. Especially in Bavaria, the consumer attaches importance to the regional origin and the biological cultivation process of the products. The Johann Koch company has set itself the goal of bringing not only the everyday product range to the…..

Just in time for the Spring Festival
China: Joy Wing Mau launches ads in Beijing metro
Joy Wing Mau has launched a massive advertising campaign for Chilean blueberries in the Beijing metro. The eye-catching banners tell the potential customers that blueberries from Chile are a healthy and nutritious choice. Joy Wing Mau banners in Beijing metro»Don’t just look, try a blueberry!»The Spring…..

China: Fresh food e-commerce booming
Thanks to the booming development of e-commerce in China, more and more people are turning to fresh food apps for their daily shopping. Data from consulting firm iResearch shows China’s fresh food e-commerce industry grew by 59.7% in 2017 to 139.1 billion yuan (22.1 billion U.S. dollars).Among foods purchased…..

NZ Munch’n™ Kiwiberry harvest under way!
Freshmax are already harvesting the first of their premium kiwiberries today – this is significantly earlier than in previous seasons and they are feeling positive about an outstanding season ahead.The New Zealand summer has been kind to growers and they are delighted to welcome an early harvest with…..

More than 78 tons seized since May 2016
Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority seizes banned vegetables
More than 78 tons of banned vegetables -worth 7.9 million Bhutanese Ngultrum (100,000 euros)- were seized following the ban of green chilli, cauliflower and beans in the country since 2016. The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority temporarily banned cauliflowers and beans in May 2016. Following…..

New York nutritionist:
Chopping vegetables boosts nutrients
Chopping vegetables before eating them boosts their nutrients, making leafy greens even more healthier for you. Blending and pureeing can destroy the fibre in fruits and vegetables, that’s true, but the process of chopping them releases healthy enzymes that support digestion.New York nutritionist Carly Feigan…..

Spain’s tropical fruit sector to take advantage of avocados and mangoes to improve its numbers
Malaga’s tropical fruit sector wants to continue growing. Their figures beat sales and billing records year after year. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, the export value of Andalusian avocado in the last campaign (between September 2016 and July 2017) increased by 32%,…..

The Edwards, Newcastle West
Australia: Selling watermelons from a bar
Last Wednesday , a sale of freshly-picked watermelons was held at The Edwards bar and café, in Newcastle West (New South Wales). Instigator Alan Parry from The Edwards, said the aim was to support local farmers and reduce food waste. The melons came from Moore Farm Fresh Produce at Wollombi.Natalie Moore: “We…..

Tromosa releases new system for vegetable handling and transportation
Frubox is a new system for food handling and transportation developed by TROMOSA to reduce costs, maintain the quality of food transported over large distances and contribute to the reuse and recycling of plastics.Frubox handling and transportation systemTROMOSA claims that Frubox has been developed with…..

Transport trays and pots made from recycled paper
Modiform are proud to announce a new product range of transport trays and pots made from recycled paper. Modiform, well known producers of thermoformed plastic packaging for Horticulture, is now launching an additional new product range to service the Fruit, Vegetable and Mushroom sector. Launched under…..

EasytoGrill, EasytoSnack and EasytoCook
Restyling of the Easyto line
Valstar will present the new look of the Easyto brand at the Fruit Logistica. With the Easyto products, consumers can quickly and easily put vegetables on the table. Valstar introduced the brand two years ago. After these successful years, it’s ready to take the next step. That’s why the brand has received a…..

Switzerland: Panalpina and the e-commerce revolution
After the successful delivery of 42-tons of frozen guacamole in a 10-flight shipment – completed in record time – Panalpina’s Colin Wells and Quint Wilken are glad to elaborate on the state of the sector.On the question of whether Amazon would be a factor, Wells, global head of perishables at Panalpina said:…..

Cayman Islands prepare for 51st Agriculture Show
At the Agriculture Pavilion on Agricola Drive, in Lower Valley, everyone is getting ready for the 2018 Agriculture Show. This year the annual event will be held for the 51st time. The show, one of the largest community events in Cayman, usually attracts more than 10,000 people and the organizers are expecting…..

New tomato specialty varieties
«Eating habits and needs are changing across the world. The consumer wants to try new things and make sure they are eating tasty and healthy meals,» said a representative of Granada La Palma.In this year’s edition of Fruit Logistica, the Granada-based company will surprise its customers with two new tomato…..

‘ Magpie Alert!’
Australia: Magpie swooping season 2017 mapped out
Australia has a website to track aggressive magpies in your area.Click here for a larger image. Not for the faint of heart.If you are a cyclist, walker, runner or maybe a concerned member of the public;help protect others and share swooping magpie attacks on-line here!

Offering grapes in school meals promotes better eating
Offering fresh grapes as part of the school lunch menu helped improve the school lunch eating behaviors of children in a pilot study conducted through Texas A&M University. The study looked at the effects on plate waste when fresh grapes were offered compared to when they were not offered. The results show…..

Bundling and labelling loose bunches of vegetables
Certain vegetables, such as spring onions, leek stalks, bunches of parsley or celery are often sold unpackaged. The irregular shapes make it difficult to label and “brand” these types of vegetables. When using the Bandall veg bander, it is not only easy to bundle these bunches and stalks, but also to label…..

How China plans to feed 1.4 billion growing appetites
Remember the really cool report National Geographic made about the Dutch Greenhouse Industry? The one with the cool photos, stunning drone footage and gorgeous images? Well, they’ve done it again. This time though it does not concern the tiny Netherlands feeding the world, but the magazine shows how the next…..

China: Sanya exports this year’s first shipment of Gui Fei mangoes to Canada
200 kg of Guifei mangoes left Sanya on February 1st and was air freighted to Canada. This is the second time that Sanya has entered the Canadian market. It is also the start of the 2018 journey of Gui Fei mangoes on the international market.Employees of Sanya Jun Fu Lai Industry Co., Ltd. package Gui Fei…..

US States with the best and worst diets
1. New Hampshire> Adults eating vegetables at least once a day: 82.7% (3rd highest)> Adults eating fruit at least once a day: 66.7% (the highest)> Students who drink soda/pop at least once a day 13.0%> Obesity rate: 26.3% (13th lowest)> Poverty rate: 7.3% (the lowest)New Hampshire residents are…..

Regarding 6 FARC-orchestrated killings in the 1990s
Settlement reached in Chiquita case involving US deaths
The families of six Americans kidnapped and killed in Colombia during the 1990s by the FARC terrorist organization have reached a settlement with banana giant Chiquita Brands International on Monday, the morning that the trial was to begin. A notice of settlement was filed just as jury selection was to start…..

Finish your banana. Eat the peel, as well!
In Japanese it’s being described as «mongee»; the ‘super banana’. They cost around $6 each, but the special bananas have had no trouble attracting customers to the one place in the country where they’re sold: the Tenmaya store in Okayama.Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in Japan. The country has long…..

Trend reversal
Spain: Kakis and pomegranates removed to plant citrus fruits
The news has started spreading quickly. There are no citrus seedlings; the nurseries have almost no stocks left, at least of those of the most commercial varieties, despite it still being early February.This hadn’t happened for many years, so the surprise has been even greater. Moreover, in previous years, it…..

New automatic sorting machine for pomegranates, grapes and cherry tomatoes
Lugo’s WAVE system is a new technology for sorting and packaging fruit and vegetables. It is designed for fruits that require gentle handling throughout the sorting process, such as pomegranates, clusters of grapes and cherry tomatoes.A transport system protects the fruit against damage during the washing,…..

Lidl still UK’s fastest growing supermarket
Co-op: 10 new stores in Yorkshire
Sweden: Axfood 2017: +6.0% to €4.7blnSweden’s Axfood has released its 2017 results, reporting that consolidated net sales increased by 6.0% to SEK 45,968mln (€4.7bln). Meanwhile, net profit declined slightly by 0.4% to SEK 1,467mln (€148.9mln). Axfood’s discount supermarket banner Willys drove the strongest…..

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