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Irish trip puts farm on path to commercial success
For Tasmanian apple growers, Mark and Christine Duggan, a trip to Ireland several years ago put…..

Britain’s biggest fruit grower: uncertain future over Brexit
Kent-based fruit firm Adrian Scripps is one of Britain’s biggest fruit growers. Has warned that…..

Kiwiberry to build on success, keep raising awareness
Munch’n kiwiberry aim to increase loyalty among its fan base as the new season kicks off this…..

Cracking problems in Valencian citrus
An alteration in climatic conditions, especially water deficits followed by wet periods, has…..

Green and versatile packaging system for fresh produce
A company based in California has created a packaging system with versatility and ease of use in…..

Zexit fever grips South Africa
The wheels turn slowly but after a thirteen hour-long meeting that ended at 3am, the National…..

Localised wind and hail damage over southwestern Cape
On Monday evening a heavy downpour of around 30mm fell within the space of 10 minutes in the…..

«A clearer understanding of what the consumer wants from a kiwifruit, from taste to convenience»
Last September Zespri appointed new CEO, Dan Mathieson, who has been at Zespri for 15 years. His…..

«Turning potatoes into a convenience food»
When consumers started to look for more convenient foods traditional staples such as potatoes…..

“Southern hemisphere unable to fill gaps in European apple market”
The European apple market faces challenging months ahead. Due to the frost in April last year…..

Banana market troubles set to extend into March
The banana market continues to endure major ups and downs, as the majority of the growing…..

White kiwis peel like bananas and have a higher vitamin C content
‘White’ kiwis (Actinidia eriantha Benth.) are a new cultivar that was registered in China and…..

Photo reports Fruit Logistica 2018
The Fruit Logistica in Berlin has three usual ingredients: a temperature below zero, chaos…..

BerryWorld Australia increases berry presence with raspberry launch
Specialty Australian berry producer, BerryWorld Australia, has launched premium raspberries…..

Now that the end of the European season is fast approaching, traders are looking to the southern…..
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