Monday, January 22, 2018
Latin America edition

Frank Levarht expects good start with melons from Honduras and Costa Rica
«New melon programmes from Honduras are a nice addition»
Levarht has started a collaboration with the melon company Agroindustrias Distex from southern Honduras. «Besides the melon programmes that we do from Brazil, Guatamala, Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica this is a nice addition with large arrivals for Easter,» says Frank Levarht.Agroindustrias Distex is a young…..

Job Offers:
• Terra Exports, Junior Trader Europe Division – Europe
• Kekkilä Professional, Senior Manager, Technical Advisory and Category Management – Vantaa Finland

Mexico: Avocados from Jalisco will enter the US, regardless of what happens to the NAFTA
Regardless of what happens with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the avocados grown in Jalisco will be, sooner or later, exported to the United States; the only thing that will vary will be the tax that the consumers of that country will pay for it, said the director of the Association of…..

China: «Asian pear export prices far from ideal»
«Because of the outbreak of jizhua disease, the production of Huangguan pears from Hebei has dropped 40% from last season. The Ya pear production has also dropped by around 10% for the same reason, but because the prices are rather high, the overall Ya pear production has not fluctuated as much,» said Mr. Qi…..

Shortage of smaller size fruit in California navel crop
Volumes on California navel oranges are down on last year as growers are also seeing a shortage of smaller sizes. The shortage of smaller fruit has coincided with a lighter tree set this season, which suppliers say they were expecting. «Estimates at the start of the season pointed at a shorter crop,» said Adam…..

Strawberry slowdown only temporary after Florida freeze
Florida experienced another wave of cold weather late last week, with temperatures dropping once again below freezing. In Tampa, temperatures dropped as low as 29 degrees on Thursday morning along with windy conditions. Growers in the surrounding regions are focused on strawberry production at this time of…..

Rene Tiggelman, Handelsmaatschappij Van Langevelde:
«Demand for onions from Brazil welcome but sales of smaller sizes a problem»
Brazil seems to be carefully coming onto the market for Dutch onions. «We haven’t sent many onions there, but I’m hearing from packagers around me that it is slowly starting up, although it is mainly red onions for now,» says René Tiggelman of Handelsmaatschappij van Langevelde from KruiningenThe sector could…..

North America
Demand spiking for imported blueberries
Demand is high right now for blueberries while supplies are currently on the lighter side. “Supplies of blueberries have been a little tight out of South America but the shipments are starting to increase now. They’re out of Chile right now,” says Greg Willems of Reedley, Ca.-based Farm to Table Berries, who…..

Wageningen University develops new flavour models
The flavour experts at the business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research have developed flavour models to quickly screen fruits for their flavour level.The latest flavour model for strawberries was recently taken into use. In the presentation ‘Predicting Strawberry Flavour,’…..

South Africa’s drought challenges fruit industry
Western Cape fruit farmers and rural communities are under tremendous socio-economic pressure due to the crippling drought, according to the deciduous fruit industry organisation, Hortgro.Hortgro is concerned about the unfounded and irresponsible statements made by politicians and uninformed social media users…..

Spanish blueberry season starts
In the second week of January, Angus Soft Fruits Europe received their first shipment of Spanish blueberries – the harvest normally starts late January. The originally Scottish company ASF has supplied soft fruit to British retailers since 1994, and works with growers all over the world by means of their own…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Jaguacy will close it’s 2018 export planning during Fruit Logistica
Jaguacy Brazil has been producing and marketing Avocado Hass for more than 40 years in Brazil and in the foreign market, being the main producer and marketer of the fruit in the country. A pioneer in the production of the Avocado Hass in Brazil, Jaguacy today exports to the foreign market and developed the…..

China: «USB-based temperature recorder with simultaneous generation of PDF and CSV documents»
Shanghai Cydiance recently launched a new recording tool for freight temperature tracking. The product is mutually compatible with Cydiance Book’s new management system and can simultaneously generate PDF and CSV documents. This creates the possibility of advanced analysis.Cydiance C1+ temperature recorderThe…..

On the Fruit Logistica Tech Stage

Interko to celebrate milestone 50th anniversary
Interko will celebrate its milestone 50th anniversary this year by giving a special presentation on the Fruit Logistica 2018 Tech Stage that will chart the company’s five decades of continuous growth and development.On Thursday 8 February, in Hall 8.1 at 16.00, Chris Maat, Interko’s Managing Director/Partner,…..

Global Focus Bananas

Drones and laser labels for sustainable banana production
Compagnie Fruitière labels its «SCB Naturally Labelled Organic Bananas» using a method to durably label fresh produce, replacing paper labels.Laser-labelled organic bananas and spraying drones in a banana plantationThe eco-friendly technique involves applying an indelible mark directly onto the banana peel……

Gerrit Tijhof, Sismatec:
«Top sealing offer many benefits»
This year, the Dutch processing and packaging company, Sismatec can once again be found at Fruit Logistica in Berlin with their PROSEAL top seal machines. «From the relatively small semi-automatic GTR to the large, fast GT6 – the typicalsimilarities are innovation, reliability and speed», says Gerrit Tijhof,…..

Italian product still too much a niche product
‘Artichoke market in Germany very limited’
Artichokes from Sicily are currently enjoying their peak season. This unique product with its colored head however is hardly found on the supermarket shelves, but rather in specialized delicatessens and restaurants. As a result, importers have great difficulty in selling the imported product. But people do not…..

Travel time to the nearest city in Brazil
A colourful representation of time and space in Brazil: Click here for larger image

Italy: First organic orchard at 1200 metres asl in Molise
An organic apple orchard 1200 metres above sea level. It would’t be such incredible news had we been talking about Trentino or Alto Adige, but we are talking about Molise, where an entrepreneur planted 2.5 hectares in the Isernia province. «It’s a gamble, especially since it’s an organic orchard, but I’m…..

Platform to speed up and organise real time purchase and sale of fruit and veg
Fruit Platform has been presented as a solution against the inefficiency of buying and selling processes in the horticultural sector. Its goal is to handle the huge amount of information made available to companies in real time. It is a tool designed for 3 types of users: suppliers, buyers and traders,…..

China: Fruit import prices drop in Tianjin
Recently, the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reported that, in 2017, the bureau had inspected 2,840 shipments of fruit, with a total weight of 140,000 tons, which total increases of respectively 9.8% and 13.7% from the year before. The prices, on the other hand, appeared to be dropping. The three…..

An Australian first, blood oranges processed for Sicilian customers
While Sicilian farmers are renowned as being the world’s premier producers of blood oranges, a title well deserved on account of the fact that most commercial varieties of blood oranges originated on the slopes of Mt Etna – the Sicilians now have some competition from down under.Landing on the southern shores…..

Report: «How to mess up sweet fruit consumption 150 days a year»
A report on the evolution of prices in the stone fruit sector since 2013, made by the Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Livestock (COAG), states that the difference between the average prices at origin and destination hit a record high in the 2017 campaign.The study, which was presented by COAG in…..

UK’s VegPower campaign highlights the need for vegetable advertising
The #VegPower campaign launched last week with its competition-winning advertisement unveiled in over 5000 locations nationwide; from the tills at Co-op stores to graffiti on the streets of Cardiff, and in thousands of school canteens across the UK.This collaborative campaign shines a spotlight on the lack of…..

World Vegetable Map 2018: More than just a local affair
The 2018 World Vegetable Map shows essential vegetable trade flows and highlights some key global trends in the sector, such as the growing importance of production in greenhouses and vertical farms, as well as the popularity of organic vegetables.Click here to download .pdfThe global vegetable market is still…..

Nutrano restructures farm management to accommodate growth
In response to its recent growth and anticipated further acquisitions, leading Australian fresh produce company, Nutrano, has split the management of its farming operations geographically between North and South.Existing Executive General Manager – Farming, Richard Byllaardt, will manage farming and pack-shed…..

Citrus exports in Asia and Europe
The citrus grown on the slopes of Etna by Oranfrizer have renewed their passport and have travelled since the beginning of the season – starting in November with 2KR lemons to Hong Kong with more than 8,000 kilometers far away. The Chinese distribution placed Sicilian lemons, three fruits in a tray, inside the…..

S Group 2017: +2.3% to €11.3bln
Ocado: Canada’s online grocery market with Sobeys tie-up
Germany’s Tegut posts 1.2% sales increase in FY 2018German retailer Tegut has posted a sales increase of 1.2% for 2017, surpassing the bln euro sales mark for the first time. The retailer posted full year sales of €1.008bln, up from €996mln in 2016. The retailer, owned by Switzerland’s Migros Group, increased…..

FreshPlaza funny
New Year’s Resolution Pizza