Saturation and pressure still prevailing on the European markets.

However, incoming dollar banana shipments have remained near-average, and at their lowest summer level (importers scaling back orders, summer programmes).

In addition, the African supply has continued to subside, though still maintaining above-average levels (new plantations). Furthermore, the French West Indies production peak has finished, and volumes have begun their fall; yet above-average levels are still being registered. However, the lack of interest in the banana, still suffering from the strong competition effect with seasonal fruits, from the holidays and from summery temperatures, is persisting. Hence on both the East and West European markets, availability (stocks and incoming volumes) has remained far too high for demand, which at its lowest level.

Furthermore, despite a slight reduction in stocks on certain markets, large stocks have remained available and price levels have remained very low, especially in Eastern Europe. The East European markets have remained highly saturated, and prices have continued to drop. The deterioration has reached the Russian market, where incoming shipments pressure has risen steeply, and the fall in prices has intensified.