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ReeferTrends Online Daily News – 27 June 2017

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South Africa braces for high cube chaos
27 June 2017

The Department of Transport has declared its intention to enforce a regulation that will end the movement of high cube containers on South African roads.

Mexican avocado exports break 1m MT
27 June 2017

Avocado shipments broke records in volume and value in 2016 according to the Economy Ministry statistics.

NZ mines rich seam in gold rush
27 June 2017

A new report forecasts that kiwifruit will contribute NZ$6.14bn to the New Zealand economy by 2030, driven principally by the success of new cultivar SunGold.

Panama posts fall in fruit exports
27 June 2017

Producers blame the ongoing global economic woes for the fall in fruit exports, with melons worst affected.

Maersk rolls out RCM on reefer
27 June 2017

The carrier says it has introduced remote management of refrigerated containers for cargo owners to prevent loss of products.

Sabotage alleged in NZ kiwifruit losses
26 June 2017

A Northland kiwifruit orchard has had to dump about NZ$240,000 worth of produce following what police suspect was a deliberate poisoning.

Nicaragua posts rise in banana exports
26 June 2017

In the first four months of 2017 banana exports increased 14% year-on-year despite no rise in production volume.

Costa Rican pineapple industry feels the heat
26 June 2017

A report published by National University UNA claims the pineapple sector uses products considered to be Highly Hazardous Pesticides (PAPs).

Yilport under pressure to revoke rate rise
26 June 2017

The Ecuadorian Government has asked the Puerto Bolìvar Port Authority to urgently review the increase by the new terminal concessionaire.

Uzbekistan deregulates fruit industry
26 June 2017

Monopoly foreign trade company Uzagroexport has been abolished, allowing all business entities the freedom to export fruit under certain conditions.

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