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Photoreport of Agroalimentaria 2017, Dominican Republic
Last week the Agroalimentaria took place in the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel. This 3 day event is biannual. It has become the most important international event for food, beverages and tobacco in the Caribbean. The most innovative feature this year was the matchmaking technology that resulted in…..

Job Offers:
• Rubicon Organics, Professional greenhouse grower – United States

Japan is a potential market for Chilean fruit
According data from ASOEX, Chile sent to the Japanese market about 30 thousand tons of fresh fruits during the 2015-2016 season. The main exports were lemons, table grapes, kiwis, and blueberries.Japan is the world’s third largest economy, mainly linked to the service, technology, and innovation industries……

Honduras to export a second container of sweet potatoes to Spain
At the beginning of this year, Spanish entrepreneurs toured Honduras in search of sweet potato and Hass avocado plantations in different regions of Honduras, such as Ocotepeque, Comayagua, El Paraiso, Intibuca, Francisco Morazan, and Santa Barbara.According to the Minister of Economic Development, Arnaldo…..

Photo report Hort Connections 2017
PHOTO REPORT Last week the very first Hort Connections took place in Adelaide Australia. On Monday a huge crowd attended the evening opening of the trade fair, 2500 had registered that day with more expected on Tuesday.The general feeling was that the combination of the National Horticulture Convention and PMA Fresh…..

Peru: Fresh asparagus export pace decreases
During the first four months of the 2017, Peru exported 16.250.684 kilos of fresh asparagus at an FOB value of US $61.405.704. This numbers are lower than the 23.378.271 kilos worth $90.963.202 dollars shipped in same period of 2016.The main destination for this product was the United States, as it purchased…..

California is only US growing area for dried figs
Consumer education is biggest challenge within the dried fig category
At one time figs seemed relegated to bar cookies and Figgy pudding, but today they’re branching out in other consumable applications, from ice cream and salads, to sauces and a rightful place on cheese platters everywhere.Hearty tree fruitFigs are one of the few tree fruits and crops that weren’t susceptible…..

Garlic supplies in the US still tight, but change expected soon
“Supplies of garlic in the US are very tight,” says Rich Pirozzoli of Christopher Ranch LLC in Gilroy, Ca. “China is a big producer of garlic and the majority of the crop shipped to the US is from the Shandong region, which comes to harvest later than other garlic producing regions in China. The crop also has…..

Will North American consumers fall for SunGold Kiwifruit?
New Zealand’s kiwifruit production has started and the first fruit arrived in the US during the 2nd week of May. “We will have full distribution beginning of June,” says Sarah Deaton with Zespri North America. “Product will be available until November, but we are putting a lot of effort in providing a 12-month…..

China: Garlic export prices keep falling
«Recently, the export price of garlic has been going down. Even though it’s the peak season for export to Indonesia, the price has dropped from the original 12,000 to a mere 6,000 yuan per ton. Compared to the same period last year, it’s a decrease between 50% to 100%. The export price is expected to remain…..

Special Poland

Poland: Better cold storage has potato imports down
Poland is importing fewer potatoes at the moment, due to the availability of domestic supply from last year. Łukasz Ostrowicz from Bugaj said that they still have stored potatoes after more and more producers have been investing in modern storage, which has helped keep prices down for consumers. “We work…..

Global Focus Melons / Pineapples

The number of exporting companies decreases

France and Germany buy half of Spain’s melons
In 2016, the number of Spanish companies exporting melons declined for the second consecutive year. However, melon exports achieved a record in volume and value, according to data that Hortoinfo produced from the statistical service Estacom (Icex- Tax Agency), code 080719 of the Tariff Integrated of the…..

The future of bananas will be discussed in September in Miami
Experts from Argentina, Brazil, the United States, France, Mexico, and Panama will analyze the future of bananas worldwide during the 7th International Banana Congress, which will take place from September 26 to 29 in Miami, organizers said on Wednesday.The meeting, which is organized by the National Banana…..

Italy: SmartFresh for fruit storage
The evolution of SmartFresh for fruit storage is now ready. It’s calledSmartFresh ProTabsand was discussed by AgroFresh at the Opera02 facility in Modena.»It’s not an entirely new product, but rather an evolution of an older product,» explained Jochen Kager. It is employed during the post-harvesting phase and…..

AgroExpo Agricultural Fair 2017 in May
The Lasithi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing the second edition of the AgroExpo Agricultural Fair. The event is set to take place on the 26th to 28th of May in the city of Ierapetra in Crete. According to the Chamber, the initiative for this event met with a great response from a large number of…..

Strong market response
China: Guguo hosts event to promote Ortanique citrus hybrid from Cyprus
This morning, the Shanghai branch of Qingdao Guguo Enterprise Ltd. and Cyprofresh Citrus Sedigep (PO) Ltd. from Cyprus hosted an event at B19 inside Huizhan Green Produce Market to promote the Ortanique citrus hybrid and grapefruits from Cyprus. Tasting of the fruits and freshly squeezed juice and free gifts…..

11 nations agree to continue TPP without US
In a pushback against the Trump administration’s protectionist rhetoric, 11 nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal have agreed on Sunday to proceed without the U.S.The 11 nations met on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting for trade ministers in Hanoi and agreed to…..

Belgian lettuce under glass grower explains his means of success
Jos Ceulemans has been growing lettuce in the small Belgian municipality of Sint-Katelijne-Waver since 1969. Together with his son Paul, he strives for continuous innovation and improvement. Since then, they have become a major producer of lettuce under glass in Europe.Responding to market demand“We’ve…..

Vietnam Embassy warns fruit exporters of 13 fraudulent UAE suppliers
Trade Counselor of the VietNam Embassy to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has warned Vietnamese fruit export firms not to have transactions with 13 import companies in the UAE.These import companies have been reported for swindling, several of which were sued in court for not paying money to exporters,…..

“Flavour, shape and stamina are important in an organic variety”
For the past three years, the Dutch production company Organic Brothers has been growing the Wasino RZ plum truss tomato, which is marketed by customer Eosta as Pomodorini. Aris van der Meer from Organic Brothers (right side of picture) explains how the variety attracted their attention thanks to its flavour,…..

Australian cafe offers avocado coffee
While avocados make the news constantly as they continue their reputation as a trendy food, this one takes it past the limit. Truman Cafe in Albert Park, Australia shot a short video of an invention of his design, the avocado coffee. While not an avocado flavored coffee, the coffee is poured into a previously…..

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AU: Spreading the Slow Food message into North Queensland
If you have never heard of Slow Food, just think of fast food and it is the complete opposite, according to one Queensland member of the movement.Helen Hill is helping to establish the Townsville Slow Food Convivium (the term Convivium is derived from the word conviviality, meaning friendship). It is one of…..

New Zealand Zespri will have test planting in China
Recently, Zespri announced that it has launched a program to do a test planting of kiwis in Shaanxi province this season. This will be the second time that Zespri has carried out such plans in China. They hope that there will come a day when they can use kiwis that are produced in China to supply Chinese…..

Koeltehof Packers, South Africa, opens state-of-the-art avocado packhouse
Koeltehof Packers has more than doubled its previous capacity through its second packhouse, officially opened this past Friday, a state-of-the-art facility that was designed with the latest technology and energy-saving equipment in mind.At the opening Patrick Caetano, general manager of the packhouse, called…..

China: Reduced production of lychees
Dongguan lychees have a longstanding reputation and right now is the season when lychees bear fruit. But because of the weather, the lychees haven’t blossomed as much as usual and the fruits are reduced too as a result. A reduced lychee production is therefore a safe prediction.In fact, lychees have rather…..

AU: Farmers slowly turning to aerial technology to manage crop health
An Australian drone operation company says an increasing number of farmers are starting to become curious at how the new remote technology can help their operations. But the aerial photography and surveillance service provider, National Drones says it would not describe the usage as widely used, as yet.»I’d…..

Dick Wolff Management: International debt collection
Dick Wolff Management (DWM) offers numerous services, based on years of experience, in cooperation with an international partner network. Mostly debt collection agencies and lawyers from all over the world send their international claims to DWM, which functions as the centre of a global network. It’s therefore…..

Italy: Table grape campaign starting at Giovanni Bellassai import-export
«Our campaign has officially started with the harvesting of the Victoria and Black Magic varieties from the vineyards near the sea. Some foreign importers told me there is still produce from South Africa, Chile and India on the European market, and the first shipments of Egyptian and Israeli grapes are…..

Coca-Cola to source more fruits from India for beverages
Coca-Cola Co. is planning to procure more fruits from India in the coming years to supply its global requirements.The company has created a new position to focus on fruit producers. Asim Parekh, who was the vice president (strategy and planning), will become the vice president (fruit circular economy) for…..

California leafy greens rights its supply
Coming out of a period of spiking prices, the supply of leafy greens from California seems to have settled down. “I think they’re almost through those problems in California,” says Steve Adlesh of Nipomo, Ca.’s Beachside Produce LLC, which sells greens such as lettuce, kale and other greens. “Coming in June,…..

China: Six weeks of rising prices for Yantai garlic ends
A continuous rise of the garlic price finally ended after six weeks, now that there has been a clear drop. In June last year, under the influence of a tight supply, the price of Yantai garlic started to rise, and continued to stay high.The decrease in prices was caused by seasonal factors. The main reason is…..

Simple physical preservation technology helps Shi ping’s red bayberries to sell well
«This year’s bayberry season in Yunnan province Shi ping county has kicked off. It’s red bayberries will hit the market sooner than all the country’s other regions. The season is likely to end at the end of May. The Dongkui orient pearl bayberries, with their superior quality and taste, have already entered…..

NW Europe potato planting area grows to 10 year high
The first estimate of acreage planted to potatoes in the North-Western European Potato Growers (NEPG) region is projected to have reached a 10-year high.Excluding plantings of potatoes for starch or seed, the total planned area is about 1.41million acres. The season estimates revealed that all five countries…..

Asda now selling purple fries
From acai bowls to purple sprouting broccoli, the trend for purple food in all shapes and sizes has been sweeping the UK. Following this trend, Asda has released purple fries, called Majesty Chips.The chips are made from Purple Majesty potatoes which have 100% naturally occurring purple pigment. The colour…..

Indian government promoting organic pineapple cultivation
The government in India is rolling out a programme to promote the organic cultivation of pineapples and to bring more areas under the crop.Agriculture Minister V.S. Sunil Kumar told the Assembly on Monday that a joint investigation would be carried out by the Kerala Agricultural University and the Department…..

Bulgaria: Considerable fall of fruit and veg prices last week
Last week was marked by a decline in fresh fruit and vegetable prices in Bulgaria, as announced by the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets.The most significant drops in prices were recorded by turnips, down 17.2% to 0.48 Lev*/kg, and fresh potatoes, which fell by 14.2%, down to 1.45 Lev/kg.As…..

Nigerian fruit sellers chemically ripening mangoes & bananas
The pressure to make quick sales is leading Nigerian fruit sellers to ripen their fruits in unethical and unhealthy ways, a reports show.Fruit sellers in Kano are said to be using insecticides and balm to ripen mangoes and bananas in preparation for the Ramadan fast, according to Daily Trust. The use of these…..

AU: Plant biosecurity gets a $21million injection
Australia is on track to adopt some of the most sophisticated plant pest surveillance technologies in the world after Horticulture Innovation Australia secured a Federal Government grant and co-investor funding to deliver a $21million plant biosecurity push.The $6.8million Rural R&D for Profit grant will…..

Nordfrost increases storage capacity at coldstore in Bremerhaven
NORDFROST is investing in its coldstore in Bremerhaven and will create an extra 10,000 pallet spaces. The deep freeze logistics expert, based in Schartens in Friesland, has recently set the course in coordination with the fishing port company (FBG) and the building regulations office.NORDFROST plans are to…..

Queensland grower brings fresh pumpkin variety to Australia
Australians can add a new flavour to their much-loved pumpkin soup or roast dinner, with the launch of a new pumpkin at Coles which offers a sweeter and nuttier twist on the winter food staple. North Queensland farmers, Des and Paula Chapman from Rocky Ponds are growing the new Kabocha pumpkin, following a…..

Australian macadamia April Fools joke helped spread awareness
The Australian Macadamias team in Japan executed an April Fools’ Day brand hoax that had everyone laughing, while delivering seriously good results. After the success of last year’s April Fools’ Day nut-cracking squirrel, this year saw the launch of a “new product” in the form of a “Macadamia Bonsai Kit” that…..

Export ban on eggplants to NZ affecting Fiji farmers
Around 150 farmers and seven exporters have been affected by a ban on eggplant exports to New Zealand. The fruit has been slapped with a temporary suspension after the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries intercepted eggs, live larvae and adult insects on a consignment of heat-treated fruit from Fiji last…..

Philippines top GM grower in Southeast Asia
Philippines has been ranked as the top grower of biotech or genetically modified (GM) crops in Southeast Asia and 12th biggest producer globally last year, the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Application (ISAAA) revealed on Friday, May 19. ISAAA’s chair of the board of Trustees, Dr……

Tajikistan wants to speed up process to export fruit to China
The Deputy Prime Minister of Tajikistan, Azim Ibrohim, met with the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Council of the People’s Republic of China, Pan Yunhe.During the meeting, Azim Ibrohim noted that Tajikistan supports the strategy of…..

Fruitimprese data on fresh produce trade at February 2017
During the first two months of 2017, exported volumes dropped (-11.5%) but the value increased by 7.1%. The lack of produce (mainly vegetables and citrus fruit) during the period in question led to an increase in prices. Imported volumes increased both in terms of volumes (5.3%) and value (10.4%). The balance…..

IMF lifts South Africa’s economic growth forecast amid ag growth
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lifted South Africa’s economic growth forecast this year to 1 percent from an earlier projection of 0.8 percent.According to the fund, this is attributed to a boost in agricultural production and mining.“We have upgraded the growth rate this year to 1.0 percent mainly…..

China and Nigeria hold talks on strengthening ag cooperation
China and Nigeria held a strategic discussion in Abuja on Tuesday to strengthen agricultural cooperation between them.Tagged China-Nigeria Agricultural Modernization Cooperation Forum 2017, the meeting discussed ways in which China can assist Nigeria to achieve an increase in agricultural productivity, food…..

Tesco faces yet more legal action | Croatia grocer threatens a crisis
Amazon sets sights on grocery in EU with checkout-free trademark
Porgugal: Sonae concludes acquisitions of Brio and Go NaturalPorgugal’s Sonae MC has announced that it has completed the deal to acquire 100% of Brio’s capital and 51% stake in the company that owns Go Natural. The Portuguese retail and telecommunications conglomerate said that both deals are in line with its…..

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