Peru sent 83% of its lettuce shipments to the US

This year’s fresh lettuce exports started at a slower pace than in the first quarter of last year. According to information from AgrodataPeru, in this period Peru exported a total of 46,409 kilos of this product at an FOB value of US $128,474. This volume is lower than the volume achieved in the same period of…..

Chilean avocados begin the process of entry into South Korea
Chile wants to boost its presence in Asian markets, especially regarding its fresh fruit. As such, a Chilean public-private delegation arrived South Korea to start talks to open up this market to Chilean avocados, and to analyze other issues of bilateral interest.The meeting was held on 6 April in Incheon,…..

Mexico exported 24% more avocados in January
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) stated that exports of «Made in Mexico» avocado during January increased by 24.4 percent over the same month of the previous year, thanks to an increased national production and to a market diversification policy.According…..

Peruvian blueberries displacing rivals in the US
Peruvian exports of blueberries to the United States have experienced a significant increase when compared to other supplying countries like Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, among others, said the Ocex of Peru in Washington DC.According to the US Department of Commerce, Peruvian blueberry exports have increased…..

New varieties of tomato in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (Idiaf) and Taiwan’s agricultural cooperation in the Dominican Republic, presented three new varieties of bugalu tomatoes that are resistant to viral diseases caused by the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV). The tomatoes were presented at a field day…..

Chile inaugurates largest and most modern phytosanitary inspection site in South America
Michelle Bachelet, the President of the Republic, officially opened the Phytosanitary Inspection Site of Cabrero, which will have the task of inspecting the fresh fruit destined for the United States market.The new facility, which required a public-private investment of 2,800 million pesos from the Regional…..

End of Chilean blueberry season leaves bitter taste
Over 103 thousand tonnes of blueberries (103,144) have been exported in the 2016-2017 campaign; this a 12.9% increase compared to the previous year and a higher figure than that initially estimated by the Blueberry Committee.Some of the reasons behind this are the expansion of the acreage and the replacement…..

New port puts Flevoland on logistical map
This year, Flevoland will get its own port outside the dykes. With it, the connection of the Flevopolder will be improved, and it will also offer new opportunities for companies in the hinterland. Waterman Onions has been involved with project Flevokust from the very start. Last autumn, the first shipments of…..

Easter Egg radish eats into the sales of other radish varieties
Any vegetable that adds color to a dish is excellent for Easter
“Colorful root vegetables, particularly carrots, radishes and beets, seem to be the most popular vegetable varieties in the weeks leading up to the Easter holiday,” says Matt Hiltner with Babé Farms. “Baby cauliflower is another one that is popular, used by chefs for Easter menus or retailers for their produce…..

«12 million tonnes of apples is really the limit»
So far this top fruit season has gone better than the year before. «Yet this is mainly to do with the shortages in various production countries. During the hail at the end of June 2016, Belgium had a lot of damage in the fruit cultivation. The apple harvest in particular was strongly reduced due to this. This…..

Special South Africa

Du roi lab becomes first South African facility with iso accreditation
Since its establishment in 1994 Du Roi Laboratory (Letsitele, Limpopo Province) has become a market leader in terms of the production and distribution of elite selections and disease free tissue culture plants, with a focus on the banana and sugarcane industry. Very recently this facility became the first of…..

Steady supply for the spring of lemongrass
Supplies look steady in U.S.-grown lemongrass. “We don’t foresee any issues right now with lemongrass,” says Camilo Penalosa of Miami, Fl.-based Infinite Herbs. “The farms we work with have had steady yields. Sometimes we have shortages but it’s more often in the summer but this time of the year not so…..

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Debut of Indian grapes
Review of the Shanghai import market
In the past week, the Shanghai market saw a small peak in supplies of oranges and grapes. This caused an overall drop in the market quotation for oranges. Chilean grapes on the other hand still sell smoothly and also Indian grapes have gone up in price from 130 RMB to 160 RMB. A strong debut for Indian grapes…..

Complementary seasons drive diversification into Brussels sprouts
This year, Oceanside Pole has started to grow Brussels sprouts. “We have been producing Roma and vine-ripened tomatoes for over 75 years on the same land where we’re now producing Brussels sprouts,” says Priya Singh, General Manager with Oceanside Pole. “The sprouts are our first product diversification. We…..

«We fill a void in the marketplace»
Florida peach program hits its stride
Peach supplies look solid coming out of Florida. “We’re really hitting our volume,” says Al Finch of Dundee, Fl.-based Florida Classic Growers. “This is really the peak time for the peaches. We’re getting good volume and availability on our Florida peaches.”Peaches from Florida tuck nicely in between other…..

Dedicated to providing ripe fruit in the market
Mission Produce opens first avocado ripening center in China
Oxnard, California-based Mission Produce, today announced that it has completed construction on its first Ripe Center in China. The Center, operated by a joint venture between Mission Produce, Lantao International and Pagoda Stores, will operate under the Mr. Avocado brand for the distribution of ripe avocados…..

Hamburg Süd gives up participation in five alliances
Take-over of Hamburg Süd by Maersk definitive
The European competition authority gave permission for the take-over of Hamburg Süd by Maersk yesterday. The only condition is that the Danish shipping company hives off five of Hamburg Süd’s routes.It concerns the routes between Northern Europe and Central America and the Caribbean; Northern Europe and the…..

Greece: More imported bananas this Easter
Greece is seeing a small spike in demand for imported bananas, which is mainly due to Easter. Afterwards, the demand and volumes for imported bananas are expected to diminish. “At that moment, the Greek season for summer fruit will start yielding large volumes. Also, demand should decrease due to the summer…..

Sweet, seedless pixie mandarins are in season for a limited time
Whether it’s the type of variety or the brand name, certain types of produce sure have some adorable names. There are Cuties and Halo brands, there’s the nugget mandarin – and also the pixie Mandarin.Pixies started out small – figuratively in the world of oranges. They are small and pale colored, but they make…..

Italy: Apple situation changed in March
«In terms of quality, 2016 was far better than the previous year. Apples have a good quality and compactness, which is essential to tackle the next few months. After a slow January and February, the market changed in March and sales were exceptional,» explains Gerhard Dichgans, director ofVOG.Gerhard Dichgans,…..

Study shows fruit & veg could help lower blood pressure
Everyone knows fruit and vegetables are good for you but according to a new study, they may also help lower blood pressure. According to the study, people who eat potassium-rich foods like sweet potatoes, spinach, beans, avocados and bananas in addition to reducing salt intake saw lower blood pressure.This…..

Cornell to make white mold snap bean treatment more efficient
Snap beans, a legume more commonly known as the green bean and waxy yellow bean, generates hundreds of millions of dollars in agricultural revenue annually. It’s the fifth largest vegetable crop in the U.S., and New York state ranks second in processing and fresh market production. Every year, however, white…..

Del Monte Gold® Pineapple is now available from Kenya by air
Del Monte Fresh Produce (Del Monte) has announced the launch of the Airfreight Del Monte Gold Pineapple from Kenya, as an addition to the Costa Rican origin by sea. «We have seen the opportunity to grow in this segment offering an additional premium alternative, this time coming from Kenya and by air,” says…..

US Highbush Blueberry Council research
Blueberry consumption set to continue climbing
With global blueberry production up 40 percent 2012-2016 and projected to reach 1.45 billion lbs. in 2017, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) is focused on driving demand upward on the same trajectory. U.S. per capita blueberry consumption grew 599 percent from 1994-2014 – more than any other fruit or…..

Price of Chinese ginger exported to Europe remains stable
In the European market, the season of Chinese ginger has entered a stable stage with sufficient volumes and a steady market price. According to insiders, with summer approaching, normally the price of ginger drops slightly, but so far prices are still quite high in the market. In recent years, the sales volume…..

China: Guangxi bananas enter peak sales
In the past few days, the previous depression on the Guangxi banana market has come to an end. At present, three of the four main banana production regions of China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Yunnan) are all nearing the end of the harvesting period. Most of the regions are starting a second sprouting…..

Shanghai firm to invest 380 million RMB in blueberry plantation
The Shanghai Changjie Ecological Constructions and Engineering Llc is considering a plan to invest 51.9 million EUR (380 million RMB) in order to set up a base of operations for blueberry production in Yongshan county (Yunnan province). Included in this investment are the 27.31 million EUR (200 million RMB…..

The main agricultural food sectors will be represented
EU to send a trade delegation to Canada
Phil Hogan, the Commissioner for Agriculture, will head the EU trade delegation that will visit Canada, from April 30 to May 3, to boost EU trade and exports, once the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA), which virtually dismantles all the tariffs for all fruits and…..

Costa group stock jumps 5.3%
After Goldman Sachs raised its price target by 27% Australian horticultural Costa Group closed the day on Monday as the top performer of the S&P/ASX200 Index, jumping 5.3%.The big lift in the price target comes after the broker took a deeper dive into the company’s recent acquisition of Avocado Ridge in…..

Australian woman finds redback spider in her broccoli
One woman in Queensland got quite the surprise when cutting her freshly bought supermarket broccoli. Tamahra Moore, 32, said that while chopping her broccoli on Sunday, she spotted a fully-grown redback spider which gave her the shock of her life according to»I was chopping all my vegies up for…..

Western Australian Bravo apple has good export opportunities
According to the Western Australian Department of Agriculture representative, Steele Jacob, and Goulburn Valley Independent Packers (GVIP) director, Chris Georgopoulos, the apple variety known as the Bravo has the potential for export markets. Bravo is a mix of Sundowner and Royal Gala varieties.‘‘It has the…..

German police find 380kg of cocaine hidden in bananas
German police say they’ve found 380kg of cocaine in cases of bananas shipped from Ecuador.An employee at a wholesale company in Leverkusen, just outside Cologne, alerted police on Saturday to the suspected drugs. Police said Monday that they found the substance in hundreds of one-kilogram packages hidden in 26…..

Fresh and excellent quality and optimal accessibility!
Duisburger market celebrates 90th anniversary at its location in Kaßlerfeld
With more than 100 years of tradition, the Duisburger market means a lot to the inhabitants of Duisburg and its surroundings. A highlight this year is the 90th anniversary of the wholesale facility at the Duisburg-Kaßlerfeld site.Photo: krischerfotografie.deSince 1895, fruit and vegetables have been sold at…..

Piet van Vugt: Dutch cultivation profits from late Easter
“Good availability of herbs before Easter”
Van Vugt Kruiden expects peak periods again this week before Easter. “Demand for herbs has been good in recent months. We have noticed that restaurants are receiving more visitors again.” “In January and February, availability of some types of herbs was tricky, because our production in southern Europe was…..

Pakistan urged to export apples to Russia
Pakistan has an opportunity to capture the Russian market, as importers have expressed an interest in importing Pakistani apples. According to a private news channel report, Pakistan, with a production of 1.495 million tonnes of apple, stands at number 10 in global ranking. The overall trade of apple has…..

Wilko can der Zwaard, Wilko Fruit:
“Year-round orange supply with Egyptian Gaudias”
The first Egyptian Gaudias oranges arrived at Wilko Fruit this morning. “We can now offer this packaging as a year-round concept; the Egyptian product is followed by citrus from Morocco, South Africa and Spain,” says Wilko van der Zwaard. “We only started this from Egypt now, because the brix levels are the…..

Zeder looks to level portfolio as valuations rise
Zeder subsidiary, Agrivision, turned a $1.3 million profit for the first time in its four-year history. Achieving this result has been tougher than expected, and Zeder CEO Norman Cilliers believes this is in part due to the company’s faith in the investment. Agrivision’s milling and farming operations have…..

Italy: OP Armonia to import citrus fruit from southern hemisphere
Lemons from Argentina and oranges from South Africa to complete the Italian production season – this is whatOP Armoniais focusing on this year.The reason is simple: guaranteed, continuous supplies to retailer clients.OP Armonia will start with 3,500 tons in 2017 thanks to a trusted import manager and a global…..

Russian vice-premier in favour of lifting Turkish sanctions
According to Turkish media, the Russian vice-premier Arkady Dvorkovich said, during a press conference, that both countries should lift the boycotts to strengthen both their economies. “Going ahead and lifting the mutual restrictions would be best,” according to him.The vice-premier recently announced that…..

Shortages lead to increased lettuce prices in Canada
Lettuce has been increasingly harder to find in Canadian supermarkets lately. Mohammad Nazari, the purchasing and sales manager at J.E. Russell Produce, a large Toronto-based produce distributor, says the prices of all kinds of lettuce – romaine, iceberg, red leaf and even packaged salads — are up because of…..

Cristian Morales, one of the founders of Where is my Fruit?
Spain: «Very tough year for the market in the Middle East»
This newly established company is the result of three partners, with more than 8 years’ experience in the business, joining forces, and they are involved in various markets thanks to this experience. In this way, the Middle East, with countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar, etc., became a market…..

U.S. apple holdings up 13%
According to the U.S. Apple Association, U.S. fresh-market apple holdings of 53.1 million bushels on April 1, 2017, were 13 percent more than the April 1, 2016, holdings of 47 million bushels and 7 percent more than the five-year average of 49.6 million bushels.Total processing apple holdings as of April 1…..

Profit Pick n Pay rises 20% | Lidl to invest €70m in Portugal
Woolworths faces class-action lawsuit | Tesco’s £129 fine approved
US: Whole Foods pushed to consider a saleShares of Whole Foods Market jumped nearly 10% on Monday after activist investor Jana Partners took a nearly 9% stake in the company and suggested it should consider putting itself up for sale. Jana is attempting to engage with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, sources told…..

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